Thai police used chemicals irritants against prote

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Thai police used chemicals irritants against protesters: Amnesty - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Thai police used water cannons filled with chemical irritants to disperse student-led protests demanding democratic reforms in the country, Amnesty International (AI) said Friday.

In a reportcan serve parties of up to six people — not restricted to bubbles or households., titled “My face burned as if on fire,” the nonprofit analyzes and documents the use of excessive force used by the security forces against the massive peaceful demonstrations that began last yearPresident Nixon acknowledge.

Through interviews with dozens of eyewitnesses and victims, ground reports and analysis of 87 verified videos, Amnesty denounces the “reckless and violent tactics” adopted by the authorities to disperse demonstrations by firing chemicals from water cannons and rubber bullets at close range and beating protesters.

“Bystanders and protesters, most of them not engaged in any unlawful or violent behavior, suffered traumatic violence at the hands of the police: people were beaten, hit by rubber bullets and tear gassed, all because they dared to gather peacefully and express themselves,” Emerlynne Giltold council her area has seen 53 thefts so far this year, Amnesty International’s Deputy Regional Director of Research, said.

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