The hottest tmall double 11 will break 168.2 billi

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Tmall's "double 11" broke 168.2 billion seven hours in advance. Will a carton be hard to find

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core tip: [China Packaging News] I have to say that Jack Ma, who created the "double 11" shopping carnival, is really awesome! Tmall's double 11 in 2018 was launched again, and 1000

was completed seven hours in advance. [China Packaging News] it has to be said that Jack Ma, who created the "double 11" shopping carnival, is really awesome! In 2018, tmall's double 11 was launched again, and 100billion yuan was completed seven hours in advance, nine hours in advance, exceeding the total transaction volume of the whole day last year, another e-commerce giant, also has a very rapid momentum. In the first ten days of November, global goodies Festival has delivered 100billion goods. It seems that under the unanimous bad mouthing, this year's double 11 is still as stable as a dog

according to the prediction of the State Post Office, this year's double 11 parcels will exceed 1.87 billion, an increase of 25% over the same period last year, and the maximum daily processing capacity may reach 410million, an increase of 23.9% over last year! For the packaging industry, it means the blowout of order demand, and even in the case of a box of hard to get, raw materials may soar

spicy, such hot sales, can you pry the packaging industry downturn to the freezing point of the market. Will the paper price rise again because of the popularity of double 11 express packaging

on the whole, it is mixed

let's talk about the good phenomenon first:

in the case of people's consumption fatigue, the e-commerce miracle can continue to perform, largely thanks to the rise of post-90s consumption, which is also quite cheap. Young people are obsessed with shopping, and have reached the point of being unable to stop. Cutting hands seems to have been unable to describe their pursuit of shopping

a person engaged in the sales of 3C peripheral products revealed to Bao that this year's double 11 orders are expected to increase, and the transaction price in the imported ore market is expected to be difficult to improve in a short time, with an increase of 25%, and all of them are packed in cartons

the same data has also been supported by two other packaging people. A person engaged in agricultural e-commerce packaging said that the packaging orders increased by 50% and cartons increased by 50% this year. A person who makes Yixing purple clay pots said that this year is still very popular. 200000 boxes were made last year, and it is expected to reach 400000 this year

share a few more worrying quotes:

various signs show that the double 11 packaging market this year has been exhausted

due to the "upgrading of consumption concept", it seems that more and more businesses can't afford relatively expensive carton packaging. Instead, plastic packaging costs only a fraction or even a tenth of the cost, greatly reducing the GDP of the packaging industry. Moreover, it is frustrating that many stores use cartons that also restrict the rapid commercialization of vanadium batteries, which are recycled from waste paper vendors. There are also many brand businesses that support physical stores to pick up goods, which also leads to the reduction of outer packaging

in terms of freight transport, it further proves that the market is not hot. A friend of the packaging belt revealed that at this time in previous years, the Guangzhou Guangdong sorting center of xtong express was full of trucks waiting at the gate of xtong headquarters for loading. Now there are no cars. I saw a bunch of x-pass truck drivers late last night and said that business was bad this year

a group of friends located in the packaging zone of Jinhua, Zhejiang Province said: in previous years, express delivery was storing vehicles for tomorrow, but from the above picture of Jinhua xtone headquarters, there was a great difference from last year. In previous years, trucks were packed by express delivery, and the same standard often gave different sample sizes for different materials, but now truck drivers are still shopping everywhere

another group of friends in the packaging zone in Chengdu provided a similar message: I'll give you a practical experience. In previous years, our foam packaging was very nervous since 11.3, and express delivery was not allowed. This year, the social express notice was not sent until the 9th, and some postal services informed us not to send foamed goods until today. There are also some postal services that haven't stopped our delivery this year. It's incredible that they are still delivering today

it seems that after the consumption upgrade, the hand choppers have also become rational. They can no longer see this% of the promotional discount. After all, hand chopping can save 20%, and without hand chopping can save 100%

then the question arises. Will cartons be hard to find? Will the price of base paper rise sharply

generally speaking, express packaging is mainly divided into plastic packaging and paper packaging. The raw materials of plastic packaging come from oil, and the pricing power is in the hands of the US emperor. Recently, it has become a dog. Therefore, plastic packaging must become the mainstay of this wave of express packaging, and will never raise prices to cause trouble

like iron ore, coal, steel, cement, etc., the pricing power of packaging paper's raw material waste and pulp is firmly controlled by China's paper giants, and a new wave of price increases has been triggered in recent days. Unfortunately, due to the overdraft of export packaging in advance and the continued weakness of domestic demand, this wave of double 11 order tide may be difficult to form a peak. Therefore, there can be a slight rise in base paper, but a sharp rise is almost impossible

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