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Tmall changed its logo! Friend: cosmetic hammer

cough, in fact, what it said is that it

the next day, tmall announced:

tmall's image was upgraded

what a coincidence

be honest, who are you

but da Dajun is really curious about how to change the image of tmall

how to be a cat

the original tmall

now tmall

is round and woody

the shape (body) image (material) has become "fat"

compared with the image of tmall in 2017

tmall just released looks more "round"

the proportion of eyes and nose has increased

and lips have also become thicker

in addition, arms, waist The legs are all curved

of course, the key is to have a neck

in a word, it looks more contoured

like a walking Doll

do you really want to hug this fat cat

the font is thinner

put the doll image of tmall on the red background

and you will find that this change will be more distinctive

look at the tmall font again, The strokes become thinner as a whole

especially the "cat" strokes look more natural in combination with the cat shape

instantly improve the "cat" It is simply a live weight loss advertisement

in general, it is that the high cold elf turns into a "big head cute fat circle"

watching tmall get shorter and shorter Getting fatter and fatter

this simple requires the film detection instruments suitable for the manufacturers to be the true portrayal of us after graduation work

360 degrees turn around and look around

it seems that the newly updated new image

is moving from flat to 2.5D three-dimensional effect, and the company has maintained close and stable cooperative relations with many well-known colleges and universities and scientific research institutions in China

such as Youku's "Hou sanmi"

mobike's "David and Xiao Wei"

and 80 ~ 100hrh's "little white dog"

in order to cooperate with the release of this new image of tmall, tmall also collaborated with sticky Monster Lab, a creative brand design agency in South Korea, to carefully create a set of tmall dolls

sticky monster Research Institute x tmall

sticky monster Research Institute x tmall

what kind of existence does the cat become an expression bag on the same day

old tmall expression

New tmall expression

after tmall changed its logo,

friends also began to discuss the "cosmetic" effect of tmall

Cosmetic hammer

turn on 3D mode

please start your performance

round and fat

the font is your own

advertise Alibaba Pratt & Whitney font

confirm that the hairline

is a meow from 996 company

looks like a trick

but why change the image

in fact, it has always been the representative image of tmall

not only exists as a mascot

but also becomes the theme element of the logo of the "double 11" every year

in the past oneortwo years, tmall has strengthened the display of "character" character

not only interacts with the first person on Weibo

but also combines tmall's image to be successful and pursue hot spots

you will know by paying attention to every marketing activity of tmall, Tmall has a special love for the tmall logo, and has been using the tmall logo to create the exclusive "super symbol" of the brand. Tmall is good at combining different hot spots and festival marketing scenes, integrating the shape of tmall's head with various relevant brand elements and festival elements, and outputting them as the main visual image

however, some friends speculated that:

is it because the CEO of Alibaba has changed from Jack Ma to Yong Zhang

after all, it was Alibaba's top executives who said that

tmall looks like Jack Ma

did the new image refer to the new CEO

the more I see it, the more I feel like it. How can I break it

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