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Titanium dioxide: anatase lost money on the whole line, and rutile benefits decreased greatly. After years of rapid development, the total production capacity of China's titanium dioxide industry has grown from 140000 tons in 2001 to 1.3 million tons in 2007. However, since the second half of 2007, the titanium dioxide industry has gradually entered a low tide and has reached a new bottom under the constraints of the national industry but their prices are also high, and the pressure of the rising prices of raw materials and energy at home and abroad. It is understood that at present, more than 20% of the enterprises in the industry are in the state of shutdown or semi shutdown. Except for the enterprises that produce acid from pyrite and have phosphate fertilizer, phosphate chemical industry or related series products, anatase products basically suffer losses across the board, and the benefits of rutile products have shrunk significantly

production and demand fell for the first time

due to the continuous rise in the prices of raw and auxiliary materials and energy in the first half of the year, the increasing cost of environmental protection, and the introduction of a number of national regulatory policies, the titanium dioxide industry once experienced a large area of enterprise closure, production restriction or semi shutdown. At the same time, the construction speed and completed and put into operation projects of the new project are much lower than expected, affecting the increase of domestic titanium dioxide production. After 10 consecutive years of growth since 1998, it is expected that the total output of the domestic titanium dioxide industry this year may fall to the level of water in 2006, which is a product or material before it is put into use. Moreover, not only domestic titanium dioxide sales are difficult, but imported products also encounter obvious market resistance. It is estimated that the total import volume of titanium dioxide in 2008 will be about 250000 tons, which will be lower than the level of 276000 tons in 2007. It can be seen that the total supply and demand of titanium dioxide this year will be significantly lower than that of last year

prices continue to fall

since the second quarter of this year, the trend of oversupply in the domestic titanium dioxide market has become more and more obvious. Although the global titanium dioxide price continues to increase, the domestic titanium dioxide price has declined all the way from the highest price in the first quarter. Although there are reasons for the decline in the cost of titanium ore and sulfuric acid, the more important and deep-seated reason is the market contraction. Even in the traditional golden season of "golden nine and silver ten", the market has not changed. By the end of the third quarter, the price of anatase products in China had fallen sharply from 13000 ~ 14000 yuan (ton price, the same below) at the peak to 12000 yuan, and the transaction price of some products in some regions even fell to 11000 yuan. The situation of rutile products is slightly better, maintained at 16000 yuan, and the price difference with imported products of the same type has narrowed from 5000 yuan in previous years to 2000 yuan. The price pressure is obvious. At present, the price of domestic rutile products at 16000 yuan is still unknown. It is reported that some manufacturers in the industry are planning to reduce their prices by 500 ~ 800 yuan

in terms of raw material supply, in 2007, domestic titanium ore was about 1.2 million tons, and imported titanium ore exceeded 1.2 million tons; Domestic titanium ore will continue to increase this year. The imported titanium ore in the first seven months will still maintain the same level as that in the same period of last year, and will decrease in August, but the total import volume of the whole year will still be about 1.1 million tons. Therefore, the market supply of titanium ore in 2008 should be 2.4 ~ 2.5 million tons, which is equivalent to the level of the previous year. However, due to the obvious reduction of titanium dioxide production this year, the relationship between supply and demand of titanium ore has changed, and the overall supply of titanium ore is in excess of demand, and the price reduction is an inevitable trend. At the end of September, the average price of titanium ore in China has fallen to about 1000 yuan, and will continue to decline further in the future

industrial restructuring accelerated

in the first quarter of this year, more than 20% of small and medium-sized enterprises in the titanium dioxide industry in China were in the state of shutdown or intermittent shutdown, and some backbone enterprises had to reduce production capacity. The situation of enterprises in Guangxi and Panzhihua, Sichuan is even more difficult in Tangshan, with an increase of 20 yuan/ton. Most individual enterprises in these areas do not have the scale of modern production economy, and lack a product chain with market competitiveness. Moreover, they have a single variety and low-end quality. Under such a severe situation and environmental pressure, many small and medium-sized enterprises have stopped production since the end of last year

Since 2007, the state has successively issued a series of restrictive policies for "two high and one capital" industries, including titanium dioxide, such as the cancellation of export tax rebates, the prohibition of processing trade, and the inclusion in the catalogue of curbing low-level redundant construction. These policy adjustments, coupled with the deteriorating market situation, will cause more enterprises to fade out of the titanium dioxide industry. But at the same time, manufacturers with strong strength can benefit from this process and make the polarization of the industry more obvious. Such irregular test reports without the above inspection items shall be rejected; The result will be conducive to the optimization of industrial structure, the exertion of advanced production capacity and the healthy development of the industry as a whole

Bi Sheng, a senior engineer of the titanium dioxide sub center, believes that the downturn in the market is the best time to improve product quality at present and in the future. Some backbone enterprises should make full use of this opportunity and take advantage of their own production and equipment technology to quickly improve product quality and provide more competitive products for the market. According to the current situation and development trend. In order to get out of the current dilemma, the titanium dioxide industry still needs a long-term adjustment and reshuffle period for the target industry

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