The hottest titanium ore has temporarily stopped f

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Titanium ore has temporarily stopped falling in the near future, and the titanium white market is expected to stabilize

therefore, the requirements for fire protection materials are higher

international titanium market: according to the European Strategic small metals report, the recent European titanium market is temporarily stable, the later market trend of sponge titanium and titanium dioxide is still not optimistic, and the titanium iron market is stable and developing well. As of press time, the mainstream quotation of European sponge titanium is: flat dollar/kg; The mainstream quotation of European high titanium iron is: 6 Flat dollar/kg titanium

domestic titanium market: it is understood that at present, the trend of titanium market is still weak, and the space for price reduction is narrower. The quotation of some products has been relatively deadlocked, and the owner's psychology of looking forward to stability in the future market is also getting stronger. Most of them said that they would be patient to watch the market in the later stage, and their expectations for the actual transaction are no more urgent than in the early stage, and they can accept and fine tune the range in terms of price negotiation, and the situation of downstream procurement continuing to press prices strongly is no longer common

titanium concentrate and titanium dioxide Market: at present, the domestic titanium concentrate market demand is still low, the procurement is reduced, the titanium ore market quotation and shipment situation are not ideal, and it is difficult for manufacturers to adhere to normal production. At present, the market spot quantity is reduced, and the price is temporarily stable after frequent weak adjustments. Moreover, some miners expect the market to fall in the near future and hope for the later downstream phased demand. Some miners begin to have the intention of hoarding while watching

the LCE is about 13000 tons. At present, the comprehensive quotation of titanium dioxide market also tends to be at a low ebb for a period of time, and there is little room for weak adjustment in the later market. Although the manufacturers are not optimistic about the later market expectation, and the operating rate remains low, the recent low-cost shipment situation is acceptable, and the later period is still dominated by consumption inventory. Some traders said that recently, some downstream manufacturers began to have stock plans and will pay more attention to market changes. There is a great possibility that the market will stabilize in late September

titanium tetrachloride and sponge titanium market: at present, the mainstream quotation of titanium tetrachloride is still deadlocked at 8000 yuan/ton, but compared with the previous purchase inquiry, strong price reduction is rare, and low price transactions are no longer common. It is possible that because of a period of inventory consumption, the merchants' mood is stabilizing, and the quotation is also relatively persistent; At present, there are still few transactions in the downstream titanium sponge, the mainstream quotation is rigid, the orders in the downstream titanium market are decreasing, and there is no support for the moment. In the later stage, the titanium sponge Market is still in a weak consolidation state. Some manufacturers said that if the sponge titanium market wants to stabilize in September, the key is to look at the inventory consumption of the downstream titanium market and wait patiently for the downstream manufacturers to start the stock plan

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