Best selling PET bottled beer in Korea

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South Korea: PET bottled beer sells well

the barrier PET bottled beer with a capacity of 1.6 liters has just appeared in the South Korean market, which is immediately favored by the market. At the same time, it is by far the most successful marketing application of PET bottled beer, and its sales volume has accounted for 15% of the beer consumption market in South Korea. Hite brewery, the leader of Korean beer industry, produces and sells this kind of beer called Hite pitcher brand. It is said that this kind of beer has a shelf life of 26 weeks (6 months)

pet blow molding bottles are produced and provided by hyosong company of South Korea. The equipment adopts the 3-layer co injection blow molding system equipment produced by rtec International Co., Ltd. in Massachusetts, USA, which is based on the needs of the new generation of information technology industry in the fields of integrated circuits, functional components and other fields, Among them, the barrier material is t karau of Hanover, New Jersey, USA. He said, "as the polymer is gradually crushed, the hardness of aegis grade nylon 6/nano clay mixture produced by polymer company is.

information source: foreign plastics"

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