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Tmall Genie awakens tens of millions of families: 10million strategic cooperation among the three lighting giants

on September 25, Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory upgraded and released the human-computer communication system aligenie 4.0, which is open to partners and enables industrial upgrading

it is reported that the aligenie voice skills platform launched a voice applet for speakers with screens. Through the voice screen fusion development tool TPL, it can develop multi screen adaptation for intelligent devices at one time; The digital content platform realizes full self-service access, digital operation, and the commercialization ability of content ecology; IOT access platform connects more than 900 intelligent hardware brands, and the number of connected devices exceeds 235 million; The inside platform has access to more than 300 enterprises and more than 500 products within a year

in terms of hardware ecological access methods, tmall Genie has a variety of Bluetooth mesh/ble, wi-f, cloud to cloud docking, etc. voice access is supported from inside/sdk to GMA, and hardware access can be completed in four steps. When the maximum load exceeds 3% - 5%, lighting electricians, large and small household appliances and other categories can be accessed as soon as a week

recently, tmall Genie signed strategic cooperation agreements with Rex lighting, Foshan Lighting and sunshine lighting respectively, which will focus on the IOT scene of smart home, comprehensively cooperate in technology, products, sales, operation, marketing and other aspects, jointly develop smart products that meet market trends and user needs, and create an interconnected and mutually beneficial Zhilian ecosystem. According to the strategic agreement, in the next three years, the three lighting giants will each achieve 10million smart devices connected to tmall genie

(Figure note: tmall Genie signed a contract with Rex lighting strategy)

(Figure note: tmall Genie signed a contract with Foshan Lighting strategy)

(Figure note: tmall Genie signed a contract with sunshine lighting strategy)

in the past cooperation, the sales of two intelligent products of Rex lighting reached Top1 in the industry; Among more than 1500 home furnishing stores, Foshan Lighting has 600 stores equipped with tmall smart display boards and 10 stores equipped with smart experience areas, covering 21 provinces and municipalities across the country, and the number of 70000 domestic channel points continues to increase; Intellectualization has become the key to the transformation of sunshine lighting from export to domestic sales. In 2019, Sanhe middle and high-end injection molding machines, extruders, film blowing machines, calenders, hollow injection molding machines, spraying equipment, granulators, slitters, injection molding auxiliary equipment and other plastic machinery and large lighting giants all reached an intelligent cooperation with tmall genie, with a total cost of 40% less than the competitive multi-material 3D printer, online and offline linkage, bringing more intelligent products to consumers

Feng Chi, general manager of tmall home decoration industry, said that voice interaction is a new trend in the smart home sector of the home decoration industry, and it is also the next direction to be promoted. By connecting different life scenes such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc., it will bring the upgrading of the smart home sector of the home decoration industry. Tmall industry will work with tmall genie to comprehensively empower the lighting brand from technology, data, marketing and channels

it is reported that tmall Genie has cooperated with more than 200 brands in the home decoration industry and launched more than 1000 intelligent products that condense on light tubes due to air saturation. Last year's double 11, the intelligent penetration rate of tmall platform home decoration and home furnishing industry was about 2%; This year's double 11 is expected to achieve a 10 fold increase in intelligent penetration rate, and more and more intelligent products will enter users' lives

what is worth integrating is that after more than two years of deep cultivation and sinking, tmall genie, together with OPP lighting and more than 60 enterprises, jointly launched the "sig mesh smart home lighting white paper" and formulated the factual industry standards in this field

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