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titanium pigment platform newsletter | various new projects have been launched

On May 29, 2020, CNNC signed a cooperation agreement. CNNC titanium dioxide (002145) announced that the company recently signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. The signing of the agreement will promote the complementary integration and resource sharing of the advantageous resources of both parties, help to improve the company's industrial integration ability, help to promote the in-depth development of the company's main products in various sub sectors, and promote the market influence of the company's main products, which is in line with the company's development strategy and the interests of all shareholders

2. Xinfu new workshop

Ningbo Xinfu invested in the new "titanium gypsum processing material workshop", which is the key coating for the development of titanium dioxide industry to change titanium gypsum from "solid waste" to "resources" with scientific methods. The new generation of filter press produced by Jingjin environmental protection technology company has more than ten sets in the titanium gypsum processing material workshop, which are connected to all links through belt conveyor. General manager Lu Xiangfang has a unique vision, but he can't find a few workers to turn waste into treasure, and is at the forefront of the industry

3. Launch of titanium alloy new material project

the signing ceremony of titanium and titanium alloy new material project between Dongying high tech Zone and Beijing Weipu Technology Co., Ltd. was held. The total investment of the titanium and titanium alloy new material project signed this time is planned to be 350million yuan. With an investment of 150million yuan in the first phase, it is planned to build production lines for titanium and titanium alloys, titanium aluminum and superalloys, copper chromium zirconium alloys, and 3D printing precision parts. The products involve the operation process of aerospace, ships, automobiles, petroleum hydraulic pressure testing machines, chemical industry, titanium aluminum and superalloys, copper chromium zirconium alloys, and 3D printing alloy products. The investment in phase II is 200million yuan, and it is planned to build a titanium and titanium alloy new material technology research institute and build a new material industrial park

4. CITIC titanium project launch

the civil engineering commencement ceremony of the main plant of the 60000 ton/year chlorination titanium dioxide project of CITIC titanium was held at the project construction site. Yu Xuecheng, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of CITIC titanium, attended the ceremony and announced the commencement of the project. The members of the company's management team, the representatives of the construction party and the supervision party used a small sprue schedule A total of more than 100 representatives of project management and cost consultants and staff representatives of all departments of the company attended the commencement ceremony

import data of titanium ore in May and April

according to customs data, China imported 231000 tons of titanium ore in April, with a total monthly import of about 1014300 tons. The top three countries in terms of import volume are Mozambique, Vietnam and Australia

titanium dioxide export data in June and April

according to customs statistics, 88200 tons of titanium dioxide were exported in April 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 14.63% and a month on month decrease of 43.86. Among them, the top three countries in terms of export volume: South Korea, Indonesia and Turkey Jung have first-rate content. In April, the imported titanium dioxide was 14400 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 9.01% and a month on month increase of 18.11%

7. Quotation of titanium dioxide

at present, the mainstream quotation of most domestic rutile and anatase titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method is yuan/ton and yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of domestic and imported rutile titanium dioxide by chlorination method is yuan/ton and yuan/ton according to the purpose (the above are cash ex warehouse prices including tax)

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