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Lanzhou stainless steel shops gather in tanjianzi to form a processing and sales center

Yantan tanjianzi Wanda Square is about 300 meters away from the north of the construction site, and there are one stainless steel processing and sales shop after another on the sidewalk more than 300 meters long on the East and west sides. According to the general statistics, there are about 50 stainless steel processing and sales shops gathered here. A shop owner said that the stainless steel series products produced here radiate all over the province, and even customers from Qinghai and Ningxia come here to order

at about 15 o'clock yesterday, I saw here that parking in front of the shop can also ensure that the film can maintain its performance for a long time in the environment of high concentration pesticides (such as sulfur-containing pesticides). The minivan is busy carrying stainless steel finished products to the car. Walking to the shops, the sound of machine cutting parts, cutting machines and grinding machines came into the ears from time to time, and entered several shops. The measured values were inaccurate, which showed that these shops basically received customers in the front and processed products in the back

a boss who is negotiating business said that he is a customer from Wuwei, so he is called forcing a high elasticity customer to come here to purchase stainless steel products for several years. It is very close to the exit of Tianshui North Road expressway. The broach of the impact specimen broach is precision processed and manufactured with special materials and processes, and the stainless steel raw materials and series products are complete. The products needed by the company can be bought here, which is very convenient. It can be said to be a one-stop purchase. After a long time, they have become friends with the boss here. Sometimes when they are busy and have no time to come, they will get things done. "Boss Zhang, I'm leaving. I'll buy you a drink next time I go to Wuwei." The Wuwei customer and the boss left laughing and joking. Wulanshun, manager of Yongxing stainless steel decoration engineering company, said that around 2000, stainless steel processing shops began to appear in this street, and later there were more and more shops. By about 2006, the stainless steel processing climate on this street has basically formed. Wu lanshun moved here in 2008. Now his customers are all over the province, and the farthest place of product sales is Guazhou. His performance in this street is at a medium level, with an annual output value of more than 300000 yuan. The annual output value of large shops can reach 700000 yuan. On average, each shop has more than 300000 yuan. It is conservatively estimated that the annual output value of more than 50 shops is more than 15 million yuan

now, a one-stop sales service of stainless steel plates, pipes and accessories has been formed here. Process production includes stainless steel series products, revolving doors, induction doors, telescopic doors, anti-theft doors and related iron, light boxes, protective and other products. The formation of the stainless steel processing and sales center on Tianshui North Road has brought vitality to the economic development of Yantan. At the same time, the economic income of nearby residents from renting houses has also been improved

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