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The stage of China Printing in Hong Kong -- Interview Report of Hong Kong International Printing and packaging exhibition (Part 2)

grasp the focus of foreign trade competition

key points

* trade management and credit system

* value-added services and high-end technology

enterprises often hear such words at Hong Kong printing and packaging exhibition: it is not possible to negotiate business with intention. In fact, the exhibition will bring a large number of businesses and buyers together, which is the place that can best reflect the competitive strength of printing enterprises. The choice of businesses is the golden cup of the challenge arena

according to many enterprises in the interview, buyers often choose several enterprises as the objects of future observation and cooperation. In particular, large merchants should conduct various assessments on cooperative enterprises, including social international standard certification, environmental protection certification, quality certification, etc; Examine the ability and integrity of the enterprise. After the enterprise gets in touch with the merchants at the exhibition, it will wait a few months before it can see the effect. With the support of qualified trade management and credit system, the quantity of out orders of enterprises will gradually increase, and qualified enterprises can become long-term large order partners of buyers

through the exhibition enterprises, we learned the following experiences that can be used for reference

first, enterprises must understand that they must have sufficient capabilities to participate in competition. As the president of the packaging Association of Da Yin Association, Shen Weirong said to some small enterprises that can only progress with the progress of stress: enterprises should have a sense of risk when undertaking outsourcing orders. He suggested that small companies should be cautious in receiving orders, and ensure technical quality and management communication, which is 6 Measuring the size of samples and terms should be done through some experienced professional foreign trade companies to avoid signing terms that are not conducive to enterprises in case of trade disputes

Yachang's approach to competition is: unlike low-value mass users, high-end customers are not vulnerable to inflation, and those who should spend will spend; Customers with limited budgets will always look at the cheapest price. This requires our products to have their own characteristics and irreplaceable. Over the years, Yachang has been promoting high-end technology products and paying attention to the niche market, which will be relatively less affected. Casually picked up a product that won the gold medal of the printing association in the United States, and its cover was re molded with stone powder. High precision printing technology and printing quality are the best competitive signs

and dawning company has contracted a large number of overseas orders from the quality assurance system. They investigated the European, American and Southeast Asian markets, and learned from this process that China's printing service advantage is a win-win situation of price and quality. Japan, South Korea and other countries are shunting out because the cost is higher than ours; Although Vietnam, Thailand and other countries have low costs, their technology is only equivalent to that of the late 1980s. On the price issue, dawn once felt the huge price difference between direct users and middlemen. Only when we get large direct orders can we highlight our price advantage

second, how can enterprises stand out in the external economic environment with heavy resistance and fierce competition, and highlight their own characteristic operations? For example, Li Jun, Minister of the enterprise management department of the China India Group, said that what enterprises export is technology, products or services? We should find our own position, just like Tian Ji's horse racing. We must find our own specialty first in order to win the competition

among them, expanding value-added services, including new technologies with intellectual property rights, is also the key for enterprises to win orders. Several large enterprises interviewed at the exhibition talked about the importance of new technologies and value-added services for obtaining external orders

I saw a group of Russian school education publishers in front of a booth, and they were very interested in the click reading technology displayed on the booth. They talked with enterprises and hoped that enterprises could produce textbooks for English Teaching in Russian schools. Since our enterprises do not have the intellectual property rights of click technology, they can only express and assist in communication. If enterprises directly and exclusively own similar intellectual property rights, a huge order market may have ownership

a Thai packaging buyer holding an order told him that he was looking for packaging for his high-end products. He was very concerned about the novel and ingenious packaging box design, which would make their product styles more rich and attractive

two British label buyers also expressed special concern about label anti-counterfeiting technology. They said that if they found a good anti-counterfeiting label technology, they would buy it

a jewelry packaging buyer from the United States said that it was the first time for him to purchase packaging and printing services directly through the exhibition. The list they want to order is very important. In addition to the requirements for quality and price, it is more important to need door-to-door services. For example, after a list is issued, it is an indentation experiment method, which needs to be communicated in terms of design, production and quality at any time according to some special needs. They pay great attention to detail communication

the boss of a Chinese enterprise present also introduced him to the enterprise's past experience of providing full service to American merchants. He said that buyers with export contracts of 192.774 billion yen from 70 major manufacturers need printing enterprises to provide full service until the products are delivered to customers. However, such a list is very troublesome for enterprises, which need to transform and improve process management and add more service items. He said that at first, because of the printing quality, the enterprise was rejected after a batch of goods were transported overseas, resulting in losses of tens of millions. But it is through such orders that they constantly improve their printing quality and service level, and make qualified products again, so as to win the trust of buyers, get new orders, and recover the losses. In this sense, going global not only provides Chinese enterprises with external orders, but also provides them with the ability to compete

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