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Stand on the giant's shoulder and forge the cocoon into a butterfly to create a new brilliance

stand on the giant's shoulder and forge the cocoon into a butterfly to create a new brilliance

China Construction machinery information

Guide: Recently, caterpillar Corporation of the United States, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, issued the 2011 excellent supplier license for the forging plant of first tractor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yituo forging plant). This means that after 10 years of efforts, Yituo forging factory has become one of the world's excellent suppliers of the enterprise

recently, caterpillar Corporation of the United States, one of the world's top 500 enterprises, issued the 2011 "excellent supplier" license to the forging plant of first tractor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yituo forging plant). This means that after 10 years of efforts, Yituo forging factory has become one of the "excellent suppliers" of the enterprise worldwide

it is understood that caterpillar is the world's largest manufacturer of earthwork, construction and mining machinery, and is also the world's major supplier of diesel engines, natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines

in the cooperation with caterpillar, Yituo forging factory has continuously adjusted the product structure and improved the management mode, and provided high-quality sprocket, half shaft, front axle arm and other parts for caterpillar's branches around the world on time and in quantity for the production of excavators, graders and other machinery. The products provided by Yituo forging factory for caterpillar have increased from one variety at the beginning to 62 varieties now, and the output value has increased from 1.4 million yuan to more than 50 million yuan

when the author came to the cold processing workshop of a trailer forging factory that is now able to design and manufacture plastic melt gear pump products, such as 28/28 (center distance/tooth width), 56/56, 70/70, 90/90, etc., the workers were operating the machine to carry out the finishing process of the sprocket. Through the transparent glass outside the machine, the author saw that the semi-finished sprocket was polished and shaped bit by bit in the water column. These processed sprocket products will be supplied to Caterpillar's global factories

wangyunfei, the director of Yituo forging plant, introduced that the plant has grown into an excellent supplier of caterpillar. It looks like a gorgeous turn, but it has undergone several difficult transformations after pressurization and blasting, three of which have laid the foundation for it to become an excellent supplier of caterpillar

the first important change of Yituo forging plant was in the late 1990s, when it changed from providing forgings for agricultural machinery in Yituo to providing forgings for the market-oriented automotive industry. This transformation is an important step for the plant to become an international and excellent supplier of world-renowned enterprises in the future. Due to the rapid development of the automobile off air switch and power supply industry, Yituo forging factory has made the forgings produced fully meet the industry standards by constantly transforming technology and improving management

with the improvement of competitiveness, Yituo forging factory began to extend its vision to the international market, thus ushering in the second transformation

in 2002, the forging factory first contacted and negotiated with caterpillar Corporation of the United States, and became the secondary supplier of the company. As a secondary supplier, Yituo forging factory only produces rough products of forgings, which are provided to intermediate manufacturers, and then provided to Caterpillar after finishing processing by intermediate manufacturers

although it is only the production of forging blanks, Caterpillar's requirements are also very "demanding". The first forging product developed by Yituo forging factory for caterpillar is an excavator drive sprocket with irregular shape required by caterpillar Xuzhou factory. The sprocket is annular, with large diameter and high requirements for tooth shape and profile. The technical personnel of the forging factory still failed to meet the requirements after many tests. Faced with the dilemma of "bad start", Yituo forging factory did not retreat, insisted on technical research and improvement, and finally successfully developed the 8e series sprocket, which met the requirements of caterpillar, and the output value of that year reached 1.4 million yuan

a series of successes did not stop the development of the forging plant. The plant was not satisfied with only engaging in blank production, but developed in the direction of high-tech product finishing, and then ushered in the third important transformation of the enterprise

in 2007, Yituo forging factory was promoted to a first-class supplier by caterpillar company with excellent product quality, extending from the production of blank to product finishing. At that time, finishing was not only a new field, but also a challenge for Yituo forging factory, which originally focused on forging production

as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, caterpillar has very strict requirements on product quality and its management system. It clearly stipulates eight indicators such as the timely delivery rate of products provided by suppliers, the timely completion rate of production parts, and ppm value (number of nonconforming products per million). Products cannot be delivered in advance or delayed. Not only that, the company also pays great attention to the perfection of product details, especially the high requirements for part identification and surface finish

in order to meet the requirements of caterpillar, Yituo forging factory has made great efforts in technology and management, and successively developed the holding and cutting technology of one-time additional forming of sprocket and the heat treatment process of induction heating. 100% inspection is realized in each production process, and clear marks of caterpillar, Yituo forging and part number are printed on every part supplied

as a first-class supplier, Yituo forging relies on high-quality products and constantly improving production technology. The parts produced are not only sold to domestic factories such as Xuzhou and Suzhou of caterpillar, but also exported to Carter factories in Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, the United States, India and other places

in April, 2011, Yituo forging factory signed a strategic cooperation agreement with caterpillar. Caterpillar's factories all over the world successively sent personnel to Yituo forging factory for investigation and negotiation. Yituo forging factory also became the first supplier of Caterpillar's four sprocket suppliers in the world

the three important changes finally brought the opportunity to break the cocoon and become a butterfly. Due to the stable product quality and strong technological innovation ability, Yituo forging factory officially became an excellent supplier of Carter company on May 30, 2012

Yituo forging plant developed step by step, and finally became an excellent supplier of caterpillar. It not only changed the situation that the domestic branches of caterpillar, such as Xuzhou and Suzhou, imported parts from abroad, but also successfully realized the localization of Caterpillar's key parts and components, transforming imports into exports. The products were not only supplied domestically, but also exported a large number of parts to Caterpillar factories in Japan, Indonesia and other countries

after becoming an excellent supplier of caterpillar, the demonstration and driving effect of international well-known enterprises has become increasingly obvious. Yituo forging factory has been recognized and recognized by more and more world top 500 enterprises. Volvo and other world-famous enterprises have come to visit, negotiate and cooperate with each other, which not only helps to improve the overall level of the forging industry where the enterprise is located, but also plays a good role in promoting the local economic development

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