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Stallone: so what's the difference between these two experiments? Next, Shandong StarTech will make a brief introduction to Sumitomo Dow's 50% stake

Styron's acquisition of the shares of Sumitomo Dow Chemical held by Dow. Styron recently announced the acquisition of 50% of the shares of the joint venture Sumitomo Dow Co., Ltd. at the 18th International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (k2010). The transaction was concluded on September 24, 2010. Previously, the shares owned by Dow Chemical Company will be held by Stallone. The specific financial terms have not been announced. The headquarters of the newly established joint venture will remain in Tokyo and will operate under a new name, which will be announced at the end of this year. The joint venture will continue to use calibre polycarbonate resin and sdpolyca resin to provide polycarbonate products to customers and markets. At the same time, the business is up to several 10 tons (such as the representative of popular steel and the technical expert team will also remain unchanged. Chrispappas, President and CEO of Styron, said: "Styron has been committed to polycarbonate and composites and mixtures business, and plans to seek new growth opportunities for these products, especially in the Asia Pacific region." At present, Sumitomo Dow Co., Ltd. is jointly owned by Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. and Styron, and both sides account for 50% of the shares. This transaction is consistent with Dow's sale of Stallone to baincapitalpartners in June this year

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