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Human beings' understanding stage of mechanical safety

safety problems arise with human production activities, which is the basic requirement and premise of human survival and production. As the main tool for human production activities, machinery occupies an extremely important position in the history of human development from beginning to end. From the development history of human science and technology, human understanding of mechanical safety has experienced four stages:

1. Spontaneous understanding stage of safety

in the period of natural economy (agricultural economy), human production activities are mainly the primary labor of individual workers using hand tools. While considering improving productivity, people have virtually solved the safety problem. At this stage, human beings do not specifically solve the safety problem of tools, but because of the needs of production technology, they unconsciously solve the safety problem, so there is great blindness

After the industrial revolution, especially the invention and widespread use of power (such as steam engine), a large number of machines replace hand tools. However, the harm suffered by workers in the process of using machines has greatly increased, and safety issues have to be considered in order to produce. At this time, special technical methods are adopted to solve the local and individual safety problems of certain machinery and equipment. For example, install a safety valve for the boiler, add a travel limit switch for the machine, etc., so as to form a local expertise to solve safety problems locally

3. Understanding stage of system safety

entering the industrial era, especially after the Second World War, there was also the war to set pressure equalizing ring. The arrival of the industrial era dominated by manufacturing has made the production technology develop in the direction of complexity, scale and high speed. The specialization of division of labor has formed a production mode belonging to different departments and a relatively stable production structure system, and the local understanding of safety problems has been difficult to meet the requirements, Safety issues need to be considered from all aspects of the overall mechanical system, forming a system safety that is applied in a production field, subordinate to and serves the production system. For example, the safety of chemical machinery and construction machinery is characterized by safety technology aimed at solving mechanical accidents

4. Understanding stage of safety system

with the advent of the knowledge economy and the information age, the application of computers has further liberated the productive forces, and the high development of the market economy has led to a crisscross complex situation in the reorientation movement of the molecular chain of poly (ethylene terephthalate) at high temperature. Machinery has been integrated into every corner of people's production and life. The safety problems that need to be solved are not limited to a machine equipped with polyether ether ketone (PEEK) and polyurethane preparation or a production field, but to comprehensively carry out safety engineering design, put forward safety requirements and make safety decisions in a wider range and at a higher level with the logistics park of the high tech Zone as the link, and in the combination of macro and micro. This requires that safety engineers and technicians should not talk about matters, but should arm their minds with the concept and knowledge structure of safety system from a higher perspective to solve the safety problems of mechanical systems. In other words, the object of solving problems is still machinery. What is emphasized here is the change of the cognitive angle and thinking method of the problem-solving person

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