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The standard "catalyzes" the reform of China's packaging service mode (III)

two meetings noted that in the face of the revision of the standard, both user enterprises and the government showed great enthusiasm and awareness of participation, but it is not without regret that packaging enterprises were rarely seen at the meeting, and packaging enterprises' attention to the standard was rarely heard. At present, we hear more voices from packaging enterprises: "what we can do now is to try our best to meet the requirements of customers. If we can't meet them, we'll find a way to import new equipment." "It is not good news for us to avoid excessive packaging, which is advocated now. Many of the packaging industry are low profit enterprises. What money will we make if we reduce the amount of packaging?"

faced with standards, packaging enterprises need to reflect on

standards. What does it mean for packaging enterprises? Facing the current situation, our packaging industry must make a profound reflection, and predict the market environment and social division of labor faced by the packaging industry in the future with a clear mind. We believe that the standard will not only provide a basis for user enterprises to test the level of the packaging industry, but also promote the progress of packaging technology, and further transform packaging enterprises from passive service to active service

as we all know, the introduction of a packaging standard is a summary and specification of the progress in the field of packaging design science, packaging material science, packaging testing science, and the overall level of packaging enterprises. The revision of the standard should be understood as adapting to the updated requirements of the new form for the packaging industry. From its evolution, we can have an insight into the development trend of the packaging industry

in the face of a wide range of national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards and foreign standards, are our packaging enterprises still waiting for user enterprises to actively provide various additives? At the same time, researchers are also optimizing the components and production process indicators of ABL plastics, doing simple and repetitive work, and are they still blindly emphasizing the advantages of hardware equipment, but avoiding talking about their own software construction, Avoid talking about the knowledge content of their own products and the value they create for users? Standard is like an examiner, who will force packaging enterprises to understand him, learn from him and adapt to him. It is impossible to imagine how an enterprise that does not understand the industry standards can provide more competitive active services for user enterprises. If our packaging enterprise only regards itself as a spectator, places itself outside the standard, blindly values the existing order quantity, blindly works hard to meet the existing needs of customers, and even "has no time" to pay attention to the future development mainstream of the industry, and reserves various resources in advance to meet the needs of the future social division of labor, then the fate of this enterprise is predictable, It will not have the competitiveness necessary for the future society

today, when our packaging industry is facing the urgent situation that all walks of life are reducing packaging costs, in the environment of brutal price competition, the whole packaging industry is trying every means to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, strengthen management, effectively reduce production costs, expand profits, and fully tap the potential in production management optimization, where is the next development space? Can packaging enterprises expand their business ideas and find another way

since user enterprises believe that the formulation of packaging standards can bring benefits to enterprises and win the first opportunity, packaging enterprises will take the initiative to provide relevant services for the standards after mastering the standards, and increase their competitiveness in software, which will play a beneficial role in winning customers. In fact, enterprises still have a lot of work to do around standards. For example, in packaging design, packaging enterprises should give full play to their professional knowledge in packaging materials and structural design, actively provide improvement suggestions for user enterprises, and actively meet users' needs for reasonable packaging; In the printing design of outer packaging, when the pictorial signs stipulated by the state conflict with the established patterns of the enterprise, how to place them reasonably, not only maintain the original patterns, but also highlight the pictorial signs to prevent the enterprise from being punished; When customers' products circulate in different countries, timely providing the special requirements of various countries for packaging will save customers a lot of research time and unnecessary losses. At present, the awareness of domestic enterprises in this regard is very weak. Only a few large packaging enterprises are equipped with packaging design centers to collect domestic and foreign information and study the production process, technology, quality and other related innovative technologies of packaging products

it should be noted that this is not only an era of global competition, but also an era of collaboration and partnership. We can see from the fact that many foreign multinational groups still purchase the products of the original packaging suppliers despite setting up processing bases in China that users and suppliers are excluding price factors, More attention is paid to the established partnership in services. As a result, foreign packaging enterprises serving major foreign customers have also accelerated the pace of settling down in China. While feeling the crisis, what should Chinese packaging enterprises understand from the metal material experimental machine? Actively improving the content of customer service, increasing the mutual support relationship with customers, and changing passive service to active service will become the mainstream trend of the development of the packaging industry in the future. Standards will play a further catalytic role in the development of this trend. Packaging enterprises who can truly understand the meaning of standards, learn and master standards, and grasp the opportunities provided by standards will be able to win the first opportunity and gain competitive advantage in the market using electronic measurement and control technology

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