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Introduction to case's stage for the Shanghai WorldExpo: in the summer of 2006, the construction of the Shanghai WorldExpo Park kicked off. Today, a three-dimensional Expo Park with roads, exhibition halls, greening and supporting facilities has come into reality from the drawings. Taking advantage of the world, Shanghai has launched a number of municipal projects that benefit people's livelihood, and the city's appearance and public life have changed significantly

in the summer of 2006, the construction of the Shanghai WorldExpo Park, but the huge increase in production capacity, was also a huge warning to hundreds of domestic wood plastic enterprises: we should not be complacent and only focus on foreign markets. Nowadays, roads, exhibition halls, greening, supporting facilities... A three-dimensional Expo Park has come into reality from the drawings. Taking advantage of the "world", Shanghai has launched a number of municipal projects that benefit people's livelihood, and significant changes have taken place in the city's appearance and citizens' lives

at the beginning of 2010, we visited the users of case excavator loaders, skid steer loaders and excavators working at the construction site of the Expo Park. With the "bang" of the machines at the construction site, we seemed to hear the increasingly clear footsteps of the Expo. The wonderful ideas of urban civilization should be turned into reality and presented to visitors all over the world

case sliding loader with crushing hammer is constructed in front of the China Pavilion

the water supply system escorts the Expo

escorts the construction and maintenance of the water supply system for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo. In addition to investing in the reconstruction of water plants to improve water quality, Shanghai also undertakes the installation and maintenance safety of dozens of kilometers of water pipelines in the Expo Park, and fully guarantees the water work during the Expo

in the 5.28 square kilometer Park of the World Expo Park, the laying of water pipes is carried out at the same time as the later construction of each venue. Master pan of Shanghai water supply company drives Keith every day to ensure that the movement of the beam will not exceed the range, causing the fixture or device to be damaged. The 580m excavator loader drives to the fixed point according to the design drawing of the park's water pipe placement. First, use the case hammer to break the road surface, and then hoist the tap water pipeline at the excavation end to lay the tap water pipeline. Master pan and case 580m have worked together for 7 years, and now they are still his favorite machine. Master pan introduced to us: "the safety requirements of the Expo Park are very high, and large excavators are limited in many places. In the case of urgent construction time, thanks to this multi-purpose machine with great crushing power and can be excavated and loaded, I can work easily!"

in March, 2010, master pan successfully completed the water pipe laying project of the Expo Park. Taking the opportunity of the end of the work, he hurried to case company to carry out comprehensive maintenance and inspection of the machine, replace the necessary filter elements and oil products, and prepare for the work during the Expo. At present, the case 580m has worked for more than 4000 hours, and it still works well. The main components have never been replaced. After this maintenance, master pan will continue to undertake the water emergency rescue work in the park and surrounding areas. It is reported that the Expo is held during the flood season and the peak season of water use, and the task of water security is very arduous. Shanghai's water system has organized four emergency rescue teams, including water supply, drainage, embankment and hydrology, with a total number of nearly 1000 people, more than 100 sets of water rescue equipment and 10000 volunteers, all ready to escort the Expo

innovative construction of electric power construction, achieving the "dream" of the WorldExpo

focusing on the global "low-carbon" and "green" development direction, State Grid Corporation of China will build China's first smart electricity demonstration area in the WorldExpo park. Here, China's advanced energy transmission and recycling concepts will be reflected, China's scientific and technological contributions in the field of high efficiency and energy conservation will be shown to the world, and the exploration samples of urban life will be shared by more people

master Zhou from the power construction company has been working in the Expo Park since the end of 2008, and it has been four months now. His case skid steer loader is a four-wheel drive multi-functional small machine that can shuttle freely between construction sites. According to the lot drawings issued at each stage of construction, master Zhou's daily work is to break the road surface with sliding and hydraulic crushing hammer and lay power pipelines. This case slip has been in use since 2003 and has always been one of the top pillars of power companies to rush repair and break. Master Zhou has been driving this machine for three years. In the past three years, he has not replaced any parts except the daily maintenance parts, "not even the water in the water tank", which saves master Zhou a lot of maintenance time and cost. In addition to the Expo Park project, master Zhou also undertook the work of the South power project and other projects, and contracted the task of laying more than 20 kilometers of cables. Taking advantage of the small volume of case slip, the ability to carry out corner operations and many accessories, a 3-ton truck can carry one slip and two accessories for various maintenance work, which is efficient and fast

telecommunications construction, imagine the World Expo

"science and Technology Expo, ecological Expo" is an important concept to be followed in the preparations for the Shanghai WorldExpo. In the Expo park that has been under construction, new technologies and innovative ideas will generally vibrate up and down, and new energy and new materials are widely used. It is reported that in the Expo Park, Chinese and foreign media can enjoy 20 megabytes of high-speed services to the desktop, which is also the perfect embodiment of the Expo theme of "Better City, better life, better corrosion prevention while reducing zinc content"

boss Yang is a self-employed contractor in Shanghai. He has received several Expo related projects since 2007, and entered the Expo Park at the end of 2008 to lay telecommunication cables. Due to the huge organization of the Expo and the large number of gathering and scattering points of all kinds of information, it is necessary to lay and improve the coverage capacity and bandwidth of the network in many areas. Referring to his case CX55B small excavation, boss Yang was very satisfied. Because his small excavation is a rubber track and has a "short tail rotation" design, these are very conducive to small-scale earthwork and pipeline laying around the new venues in the Expo Park. "This small excavation is the most suitable for crushing, and the walking system and hydraulic pipeline have not been damaged. The most important thing for earthwork construction in the city is to save oil and not easy to go wrong. We spend more time with the crushing hammer, so we require the small excavation to be durable. This machine with low noise and flexible operation is the best. It is worthy of being an imported machine, and it is still very good after using it for more than 5 years." Boss Yang takes good care of the machine. Every time he maintains it, he will use high-quality lubricating oil and original hydraulic oil. If the machine is well maintained, the owner will be more relieved

case skid steer loader with cleaning collector works in the Expo Park

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