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With the economic recovery of the stall, XCMG helped rekindle the "human fireworks flavor"

the stall economy recovers, and XCMG helps rekindle the "human fireworks flavor"

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there are policy support and official certification

under it, urban management everywhere have called you to set up a stall

recently, "stall economy" has become the hottest topic. No one thought that the small vendors and familiar cries returned to our vision, and the bustling street market we missed came back! When China's economy is in urgent need of recovery, the vitality of the stall economy can effectively and gently stimulate domestic demand

"it is the fireworks in the world and the vitality of China." Premier Li Keqiang was inspecting an old community in Yantai, Shandong Province, and praised the stall economy and small store economy

with the prosperity of night economy, many cities are "more and more wonderful at night". However, the stall economy is booming, and the worries behind it are also pouring in: "after the stall is set up, it is in a mess, and the surrounding environment is dirty and smelly", "the workload of sanitation workers must double again"...

under the rhythm of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, what is the correct way to set up a stall

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the stall economy wants to develop continuously and healthily

it needs urban fine management

the garbage disposal of the stall should also be strictly controlled

it can't be "chicken feathers everywhere"

XCMG has always been committed to the green development of the whole value chain, focusing on the R & D and promotion of environmental sanitation machinery in the environmental industry

in view of the huge pressure brought by the stall economy on the environmental sanitation of narrow streets, XCMG can provide a complete set of small-scale sanitation equipment solutions, which can shuttle freely on narrow roads, and ensure the cleanness of stalls and roads by timely cleaning up the oil on the ground and sorting and collecting kitchen waste, so as to help the urban stall economy

road cleaning

the stalls are concentrated in the back streets and alleys of the city. Compared with the main and secondary urban roads, the environmental treatment of such urban capillary sections has obvious shortcomings, such as:

· it is difficult to clean up stubborn oil stains on the ground

large sanitation equipment is difficult to enter

sanitation workers have high work intensity

in the face of industrial pain points, XCMG has created a series of small sanitation equipment, Including:

· 1 ton road sweeper (patented fan, economical and efficient)

· road maintenance vehicle (360 ° flushing, extraordinary)

· driverless vehicle (5g, automatic operation)

each equipment performs its own duties, comprehensively sweeping the road surface, sidewalk, curbstone and wellhead, reducing the burden on sanitation workers and greatly improving working conditions

representative product

XCMG 1t road sweeper has a body width of only 1730mm, which can easily enter narrow areas such as pedestrian crossings, streets and alleys, replacing manual machine scanning without leaving a blind area. The layout form of "front four sweeping discs + rear narrow suction nozzles" is adopted, and the dust reduction water path forms water mist around the sweeping discs. At the same time, the garbage in the suction cup air duct can also settle rapidly in the box to avoid discharging dust from the fan outlet. Fine chemicals and functional materials go hand in hand, which has become a new trend in the industry to effectively suppress dust

XCMG road maintenance vehicle has a small vehicle operation, which is especially suitable for the cleaning and maintenance of narrow roads, and can also be used for the cleaning operation of stalls, roads, small advertisements, etc., effectively filling the gap left by medium and large cleaning equipment. It has a variety of operation functions, such as front high-pressure water curtain washing, directional single point washing, hand-held high-pressure spray gun washing, hand push nozzle washing, etc

XCMG's driverless road sweeper is flexible and has low noise. It adopts a multi-sensor fusion environment sensing scheme to realize autonomous collision avoidance, autonomous obstacle avoidance, autonomous tracking, automatic parking, edge operation, path planning, etc. the driving speed of driverless automatic cleaning operation is up to km/h

classified collection and transportation of garbage

in the process of garbage collection and transportation, how to ensure that garbage does not leak twice is also an important factor to ensure the restart of the stall economy. There are the following problems in the collection and transportation of garbage from stalls:

· large output of kitchen garbage such as plastic bags and disposable paper bowls

· large garbage collection and transportation equipment has high noise

· sanitation workers need to clean and transport garbage frequently

in addition to advocating and encouraging the self-discipline of stall owners and consumers and increasing classified garbage can facilities, we should also focus on increasing the number of sanitation machinery and equipment in the stall area, especially increasing intelligent small sanitation equipment, If machines and equipment can be used instead, try to use less manpower

XCMG can provide a series of special collection and transportation vehicles with good sealing, energy conservation and environmental protection to meet the needs of waste classification and transportation according to road conditions and waste composition. The product has a high degree of intelligence. It realizes the status monitoring of the operation process, the collection and analysis of operation information through the sanitation Zhilian management system, and integrates with the smart city management through the sharing of data and resources

representative products

XCMG self loading and unloading garbage truck is small and flexible, which is suitable for classified collection in narrow sections of the road. The self-developed one button automatic loading and unloading cycle technology realizes automatic loading and garbage can reset through the advanced control system. The working time of the unloading cycle is only 18S, which is 15% less than that of the same industry. Assorted garbage cans with self loading and unloading garbage trucks can be said to be the golden partner of the environmental sanitation industry

XCMG's pure electric compression garbage truck adopts the high-level feeding method, cancels the filler, and avoids the accumulation of sewage. It is suitable for the collection and transportation of perishable garbage with high water content. The "soup water" in the garbage will not leak during transportation. The leak free electric control system can realize one. 1. Experimental pressure: it is the most important factor affecting the core configuration of the hydraulic testing machine; Key feeding, one key scraping, logic control, anti misoperation, etc., the whole machine is simple, fast, safe and reliable

XCMG's 1-ton side loading compression garbage truck has simple operation and small working space. It is suitable for garbage collection and removal in densely populated areas on both sides of the street. The whole car is well sealed. During the compression process, a certain garbage compression ratio can be guaranteed, and a water receiving plate is set to drain the leaked sewage to the tail sewage tank to prevent sewage leakage, which completely solves the secondary pollution problems such as running, emitting, dripping and leaking

the convenience and human warmth brought by the stall economy

are indispensable to urban life

XCMG will contribute its professional strength to the construction of a beautiful China with complete sets of environmental sanitation equipment and full chain services

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