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The building materials industry is alert to the "environmental protection" trap under the environmental protection storm

the building materials industry is alert to the "environmental protection" trap under the environmental protection storm

September 1, 2017

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in the case of the declining ecological environment, the theme of environmental protection has been infinitely amplified, and has subsequently become the main brand of the building materials industry. The marketing selling points and marketing ideas of building materials enterprises are inseparable from the word "environmental protection". It can be said that the awareness of environmental protection has been upgraded from an ideology to a substantiation, and the two ways of displacement calibration have really entered people's lives. The new environmental protection building materials are the industries after environmental protection is materialized. Environmental protection is a beautiful wish, but it is also a gimmick made by many manufacturers for profit. Some people are studying environmental protection building materials in a down-to-earth manner, but there are also many "pseudo environmental protection" enterprises with full intentions. So how should we choose products in the building materials market with mixed fish and eyes? Let's take a look at the discrimination skills:

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the building materials industry is alert to the "environmental protection" trap under the environmental storm

see the certification

any product should have a product name, executive standard number, production place, model, specification, use instructions, etc. Well known brands shall be attached with national inspection exemption certificate, famous brand certificate and Chinese well-known trademark mark. Any wood must have the ten ring certification mark of green building materials issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. DSC method and YBB method confirm that this batch of polypropylene bottles for oral use are mixed with recycled materials. Wooden furniture needs CQC furniture product certification from China Quality Certification Center

look at the report

the floor and furniture need a test report from an authority at or above the provincial level. The quality inspection department at the place of sale must issue the test report. Wood paint must comply with the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials and solvent based wood coatings. In addition, the furniture must provide product specifications, which is mandatory

see the grade

the formaldehyde emission of wood is the national standard E1, that is, the formaldehyde emission is 0.5mg/i~1.5mg/i; Grade E1 environmental protection standard is a national mandatory health standard. Timber below grade E1 belongs to illegal production

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the building materials industry is alert to "environmental protection" traps under the environmental storm

so what environmental protection traps should we pay attention to

anti formaldehyde of interior wall coating

in recent years, some coating brands have launched "anti formaldehyde" and "purifying formaldehyde" products, which really attract attention. In the publicity materials of some enterprises, "anti formaldehyde" has become the main selling point. Businessmen say that coatings can effectively absorb and decompose formaldehyde, benzene and even bacteria in the air through "innovative" new material technology

in fact, some coatings with "innovative materials" as the selling point are often expensive. If you carefully ask the salesperson about the absorption degree and whether there are specific data parameters, you will not give a clear reply

in fact, as early as 2015, the China Coating Industry Association warned the consumption of "anti formaldehyde" interior wall coatings, and said that it was inappropriate to publicize "anti formaldehyde" as an auxiliary function of building interior wall coatings as a main selling point

first, from the perspective of the coating itself after coating, the amount of formaldehyde adsorbed or degraded by the thinner film thickness is limited. However, for the solid-state film, the internal formaldehyde purification additives cannot migrate to the surface to play a role, and only the formaldehyde purification additives on the film surface can contact with formaldehyde to play a role

second, the formaldehyde purification performance of the coating needs to be strengthened in maintaining the time durability. After the formaldehyde purification additives on the surface of the film have failed due to repeated adsorption or degradation of formaldehyde, no new additives will be added

ceramic tiles can resist bacteria

ultra-fine powder, polycrystalline micro powder and cosmetic soil... In the ceramic tile market, "healthy" ceramic tiles have become the "Star" products in the market. Titanium metal tiles alleviate fatigue, negative oxygen ion glazed tiles maintain health, and ultra-fine jade floor tiles are anti-bacterial and non radiation... A series of sales staff's words support the high prices behind them, but most of the time, the sales staff can't explain how to realize these functions

in fact, most of the so-called innovative functions are product packaging. If the manufacturer has already produced ceramic tiles with health care function, it needs to go through continuous testing to determine whether the quality of indoor air has improved before and after the installation of ceramic tiles, and it needs a large number of experiments to finally get a reliable test report to prove that it has health care function

moreover, most antibacterial products can not eliminate indoor bacteria. Simply speaking, it means to inhibit the growth and development of microorganisms, so that they will not increase in quantity, but it only plays a role of inhibition, and will not reduce or disappear microorganisms

particle board is more environmentally friendly

in recent years, panel furniture has been favored by consumers. However, because small manufacturers often produce substandard medium density board, particleboard, etc., panel furniture has also become the source of indoor pollution. Some young consumers have a strong sense of environmental protection and deliberately avoid products made of this kind of material when purchasing furniture products, so they choose the "particle board" and "particle board" with larger environmental protection slogans

in fact, particle board is medium density board and particle board is particleboard. If the manufacturer fails to meet the standards in the production process, it will not only fail to achieve the effect of environmental protection, but may make users feel at ease, so that they do not open windows for ventilation, resulting in more serious consequences


"when you smell it, there is no pungent smell at all." When many manufacturers promote their products, they will let customers smell them in person. Is there an unpleasant smell. However, it is very unscientific to judge whether the furniture and materials in the home are environmentally friendly only by the strong smell. It is very unscientific to use hydraulic oil with too high viscosity. Because some of the main toxic and harmful gases that cause indoor pollution are odorous, while others are odorless

in fact, the air pollution is generally more than 4 times more serious than the standard. At the same time, many harmful gases will be released only when the humidity and temperature reach a certain level. After the decoration, there is no odor, which will achieve "environmental protection". It not only deceives consumers, but also blinds the conscience of enterprises

at present, there are many "environment-friendly homes" in the market. The authenticity of "environment-friendly homes" lies not only in the test report, but also in the integrity of the enterprise. In fact, truly low-carbon and environmentally friendly products must run through the concept of environmental protection from the beginning to the end, including the procurement and processing of raw materials, transportation in the production process, and the treatment methods after product waste. If only the terminal achieves energy conservation and environmental protection, it is not a real green product. Therefore, to identify whether a product is environmentally friendly, consumers should measure it from all aspects and do not blindly believe it. Enterprises should not blindly choose small manufacturers to produce and process products, which will cause their own environmental protection products to become the source of pollution

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