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Building energy conservation is expected to become the fuse for the integration of the coating industry

building energy conservation is expected to become the fuse for the integration of the coating industry

September 26, 2013

[China coating information] in this year, due to the introduction of national mandatory policies, the external wall insulation industry flourished and thousands of external wall insulation material manufacturers were born. What are the test methods for impact testing machines? It brings opportunities and challenges to coating enterprises. As a result, some coating enterprises have obtained rapid development of curtain wall project jass 14 ⑼ 6, while other coating enterprises have been restricted

according to the requirements of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, building energy conservation has been gradually popularized throughout the country, and reached its climax in 2007. Construction departments and construction committees all over the country have issued policies to stipulate that new buildings must be insulated. Many provinces even stipulate that new real estate projects or old building renovation projects must meet the insulation requirements before completion acceptance. Many painting projects have become integrated projects of insulation and painting. In this way, some paint manufacturers without supporting products for external wall insulation or those whose paint can not be well combined with insulation materials have suffered a low tide, which has seriously affected the market sales

Dalian Zhenbang, previously known as the No. 1 brand of fluorocarbon paint in China, although its products have been recognized by the market for a long time, it can not get involved in this market because it has not launched external wall insulation products as soon as possible. In addition, because the oily fluorocarbon paint can not be used together with insulation materials mainly made of polystyrene, and the water-based fluorocarbon paint developed by it is immature, it can only watch the project be snatched away by other enterprises, Many items are even lost due to insulated doors. In addition, Many coating enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have also published a series of research work in international electrochemical and materials academic journals because of the insulation door (Journal of power sources has lost a lot of markets, even lost money or was forced to close factories.

of course, some enterprises have achieved rapid development by seizing the opportunity of thermal insulation doors. For example, Shanghai Yashi has been awarded the 2007 China building energy conservation annual film for its mature products such as finished thermal insulation boards have been recognized by the market because of its early layout of the external wall thermal insulation industry Xiangli enterprise. Shenzhen Jiada is an earlier enterprise involved in external wall insulation, and has made a breakthrough in energy-saving integrated building. Its imitation marble, imitation ceramic tile and other finished insulation boards and light inorganic insulation mortar have been rapidly promoted. In 2007, Jiada had a rapid development momentum and a substantial increase in sales. Due to the improvement of brand influence, Jiada won the bid and completed Olympic projects such as the National Stadium, the bird's nest and the shooting range with high quality. The R & D center of the company has also been identified as the engineering technology center of the Ministry of construction and the new technology industrialization demonstration construction base of the Ministry of construction. Its energy-saving integrated demonstration building will be completed in May this year, which will become the first energy-saving integrated building in China

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shows that it is very important for enterprises to accurately predict the market development direction and make corresponding preparations. No matter how strong the current products and brands are, it does not mean that they will have advantages in the future. The blue ocean of the market only belongs to enterprises with strategic vision

although the insulation industry also exposed many problems during its rapid development in 2007, the norms of the insulation industry need not only government regulations, but also the guidance of strong enterprises. It can be predicted that building energy conservation is the fuse for the great integration of the coating industry. In the future, large coating enterprises will not be specialized in producing coatings, but will develop towards the integration of energy conservation and decoration

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