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In 2015, the output of architectural coatings is unlikely to reach a new high and the heavy coating market is in a golden period

2015, the output of architectural coatings is unlikely to reach a new high and the heavy coating market is in a golden period

october 19, 2015

[China paint information] "the downward pressure on architectural coatings is great, and it is the most optimistic expectation to keep the same as last year." At the architectural coating salon in Shanghai in October, Lin Xuanyi and Lin Lao did not have optimistic expectations. The autumn outside the window is warm and sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. The members of jiantu who are present in the room have personally felt the coolness of the industry. In 2015, China's architectural coatings slowed down quietly after years of rapid growth for the first time. It has become an extravagant hope for architectural coatings to reach a new high

Mr. Lin is highly respected in architectural coatings, and many people regard his words as the industry direction. Not only because he is a technology leader, but also because he has experienced the industry from scratch. From the perspective of the market, in addition to supply and demand, he also adds in-depth integration of economy, policies and experience. Naturally, in the construction paint salon, Mr. Lin's market is the highlight. Obviously, Mr. Lin has psychological expectations for the decline of architectural coatings. Around 2004, after the annual output of architectural coatings exceeded one million tons for the first time, driven by the favorable real estate investment and infrastructure construction, it exceeded 5million tons in 2014, a five fold increase over the past decade, the only one in the world. Ten year high growth to today, industry adjustment is an inevitable step

however, the slowdown in real estate investment has been revealed as early as 2014. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of statistics, the growth rate of real estate investment in 2014 was only 10.5%, which has deviated from the fast track of 19.8% in 2013. In June this year, the growth rate of real estate development investment was only 3.5%. The weakening of downstream real estate investment has played a decisive role in the decline of the building coating market. On the other hand, the real estate investment accounts for nearly one-fifth of the national fixed asset investment. From the perspective of the situation, the downward pressure on the overall Chinese coating market also exists. In 2015, the output of the coating industry was lower than the previous 2.9% and the trend was obvious. The monthly cumulative output was 1076.6 tons, an increase of only 3.15% year-on-year. From the past trend, there was no significant improvement in the market in the fourth quarter of this year. Compared with the 16.48 million tons in 2014, the total output of this year was estimated to be flat, and the actual sales may decline

the jiantu salon holds a meeting every quarter. Its members are elites in the fields of market, technology, production and management in the jiantu field. The experience sharing and thinking collision in the meeting are the most favorite thing for members. As for the trend of market downturn and output slowdown, salon members focused more on emerging applications

the construction coating market mainly relies on the newly started real estate investment and infrastructure investment. Once the new construction and investment slow down, the construction coating will face the dilemma of no way to go. In addition, from 1981, when the Bureau of statistics had statistics, to the 34 years in 2014, China has jointly built 62.6 billion square meters of housing, including 41.6 billion square meters of residential housing, accounting for two-thirds of the total. There is a huge potential in the old house renovation market. Therefore, a group of construction coating enterprises proposed to "repaint" the market a few years ago. After segmenting products and distributing business, the enterprises transformed accordingly. In 2014, a leading brand enterprise took the lead in proposing the transformation from a coating manufacturer to an all-round coating service provider. In fact, it found a market increment in the enterprise strategy, thus reducing the development risk brought about by the demand of a single market

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(excerpt from the report of the 2013 architectural coatings salon open forum)

"The repainting market survey conducted by the construction in progress salon in 2013 shows that the repainting cycle of domestic civil residences is about, and it is estimated that the number of residences to be repainted in that year will not be less than 3million, and the consumption of architectural coatings will be about 240000 tons, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. In 2015, the construction in progress salon reviewed this data and found that the actual market development is faster than estimated at that time. Hewenbo, chairman of China 5 Mining Corporation, said," Meng fanpei, the founder of the salon said, "Many enterprises have deployed repainting business strategically. The marketization of repainting business such as nippon, AkzoNobel and PPG is very effective."

"the market demand of consumers for the renovation of old walls has been opened, and the golden period of repainting will not end in a short time," said tanglei, a member of the salon, "Consumers will focus on factors such as the beauty of the paint film, rapid construction and environmental protection. This is inseparable from the marketing received by consumers. Consumers have very high expectations for the effect of internal wall recoating. This requires that while developing paint products, consideration should be given to construction factors, such as painting tools and methods, as well as standard services and certification training for painters."

in addition to the repainting of the interior wall, the repainting of the exterior wall of the building is also in the state of demand. However, the recoating of building exterior walls is mostly a municipal decision-making, and there are no clear and feasible rules between the owners and the property for the decision-making power of painting, resulting in the embarrassment that the recoating of exterior walls has been accepted without any results. Zhou Rong, a guest of the salon, said: "clarifying the decision of exterior wall repainting by standardizing rules and enhancing the combination and use right of renewable energy is an important key to the development of the exterior wall repainting market, and the other key is the qualification and access of the construction unit."

in addition to optimistic about the repainting of interior and exterior walls, the members of the construction painting salon will focus on showing a batch of basic, strategic and cutting-edge advanced materials, and also focus on the healthy development of repainting. According to salon member juliguang, the most important thing to ensure healthy development is to formulate the product, construction and service standards for recoating, and set the bottom line and threshold, so that health can be guaranteed. In addition, the painters are out of stock, the post-80s and post-90s youth have little employment, and no successors have also brought potential worries to the recoating

it is reported that at the China coating industry summit to be held in Shanghai, the architectural coating salon will host an open forum to discuss the topic of architectural coating

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