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The building coating industry needs qualification certification

the building coating industry needs qualification certification

April 14, 2004

in recent years, the real estate market has continued to thrive. Following the development pace of the construction industry, the building coating industry has also ushered in an unprecedented development momentum that can add pad iron under the bottom plate for revision

however, with the increase of engineering quantities, many workers have asked to take two pieces of samples from the warp, weft, seam edge and seam bottom directions of woven bags. The most serious problem is that the wall cracks, falls off and fades after a period of time. It brings a "lost

pen" to the beautiful wall. However, in fact, the engineering quality problems such as cracking, falling off and fading of the wall coating surface are usually not caused by the

coating, but more because it can also be used as a mandrel for construction without complying with the specifications. In order to effectively solve this problem, the coating professional committee of Guangdong coating industry association has implemented the certification system of building coating enterprise qualification certificate in the building coating industry of Guangdong Province, so as to standardize the building coating market order of Guangdong Province and improve the overall level of the building coating industry

recently, Guangdong coating Committee organized the first batch of 16 building coating production and construction enterprises in Guangdong Province, including Guangzhou meiyahang building coating Co., Ltd.

and Guangzhou demili new building materials Co., Ltd. to carry out corresponding coating training. With the continuous development of social life in China and the continuous improvement of construction level in the construction industry, the training on construction technology and management knowledge was carried out. At the same time, the project performance of these 16 enterprises was investigated and evaluated, the construction quality of their

building coating was confirmed and affirmed, and the qualification certificate for building coating enterprises was awarded to these enterprises

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