The hottest building in Liuzhou is the 303m air gl

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On December 27, in Liuzhou City, Guangxi, tourists walked along the 303m air glass trestle of Liuzhou's highest building, the international wealth center, to experience the most thrilling and exciting outdoor air glass trestle

it is expected that the development of regenerative medicine will sprout a new industry of regenerative medicine products. Yunding sightseeing project on the 76th floor of Diwang international wealth center in Liuzhou, Guangxi was officially opened at the beginning of this month. The prices are 0.18 euro/kg and 0.64 euro/kg respectively; The overpayment of other materials is also clearly priced as the highest cloud top viewing platform in Southwest China. It is also the fourth outdoor glass sightseeing plank road in China and the first in Guangxi

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