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Building glass film creates a new situation of energy saving

building energy saving is a topic of concern in the world. The focus of energy-saving transformation is public buildings. The transformation of doors, windows and curtain walls is the key to building energy saving, and the glass transformation is the breakthrough of energy-saving transformation. Because of its advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, glass coating has attracted the attention of many developed countries. Building glass film has the advantages of UV insulation, explosion-proof, heat insulation and energy saving, privacy protection, durability and so on. With the impact of global warming, heat insulation and environmental protection glass film has been recognized by more and more people, and has been widely used in the field of building home decoration in European and American developed countries

according to relevant surveys, in the United States, the penetration rate of building glass film has exceeded 90%, and in Australia, New Zealand and other countries, the penetration rate of building glass including laminated materials, fiber-reinforced thermosetting and thermoplastic composite film is also above 75%; In Asia, the most widely used building film is in economically developed countries such as Japan, South Korea and Singapore, with a penetration rate of more than 85%. In terms of environmental protection and energy conservation, the glass film industry occupies a huge market share. With the increasing awareness of energy conservation among the whole people, the whole glass film market has been heated up, making it a health must be patient widely adopted in developed countries in Europe and the United States; 3. China will enter the crucial period of reform and energy-saving products

in recent years, real estate has become the leading economic enterprise in China, and the rapid development of construction has exceeded any time in the past. China has a glass maintenance market of 15billion square meters, and with the production of a large number of new buildings every year, the area of glass to be maintained will increase by 6% to 10%, while the penetration rate of building glass film is less than 10%. China's glass film industry is in its infancy. It is a profiteering industry hidden in the era of meager profits. This industry will also breed greater investment opportunities in 2008, and the film market will become a gold mine to be mined

titanium Yang magic glass film has been recognized and favored by consumers because of its excellent film performance, precise film materials, industry-leading technical advantages, impeccable quality and experienced service team. Ti Yang magic glass film is a new type of film blowing machine produced by Baiyuan investment group and the famous film sticking and blowing machine manufacturing industry in the United States, including sheet film blowing machine, PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color strip film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine and other film manufacturers. By using their respective advantages in the industry, they have formed a unique global operation system integrating R & D and production technology, sales and promotion. Titanium Yang magic glass film is made of PET material with strong durability, firmness, high toughness, moisture resistance, high and low temperature resistance. It is mainly divided into building film, safety film, decorative film, etc. It is mainly for the purpose of energy saving, with anti ultraviolet and safety functions, explosion-proof, line of sight isolation and decorative functions. It can also be divided into heat reflection film and low radiation film

in order to understand more clearly how the titanium sun magic glass film can save energy, the author called the Chinese management organization of the titanium sun magic glass film. The relevant person in charge replied that at present, the glass windows in most buildings will cause a large amount of energy loss: in summer, it will lead to heat accumulation, and in winter, it is easy to dissipate heat, resulting in increased energy consumption. The glass window with titanium sun magic glass film can block the infrared ray and other heat sources outside in summer, making the indoor cool; In winter, the energy density of its 3-yuan battery has reached 300wh/kg; Nichia chemical uses 3-yuan batteries made of 633 and 811 cathode materials to block the infrared rays generated by human body, household appliances, gas, etc. indoors, making the room warm in winter and cool in summer, greatly reducing the load of air conditioning and heating, and saving electricity

looking at China's glass film market, the potential demand for glass film is amazing in the construction industry, automobile industry and it products. Just looking at the huge market capacity, value-added profit space and the appeal of famous brands, Ti Yang magic glass film has strong market competitiveness in terms of price and quality based on International advanced production technology

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