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Chengtu lark focuses on the production of high-end system doors and windows, high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge casement windows and other aluminum alloy doors and windows. With a professional and focused brand strategy, Chengtu lark has comprehensively upgraded the brand

the 20th Guangzhou Construction Expo

on July 8-11, China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo will be held soon. As the largest building decoration industry in Asia at present, the theme

covers the richest The most influential international exhibition, with an endless stream of participants, is a feast in the industry

Jiangsu Chengtu lark doors and windows will be ready for a heavy attack,

will take a new attitude,

will bring new products to the market, and

will set off a wave in the industry

brand upgrading, amazing butterfly change

amazing butterfly change only to fly higher

in order to further enhance the brand image of Chengtu lark, integrate with the world, and clarify a more professional and focused brand strategy, Chengtu lark

has comprehensively upgraded the brand. This exhibition will be presented to hundreds of thousands of merchants across the country with a new attitude after upgrading

the exhibition hall is magnificent, simple and luxurious

the exhibition hall of lark doors and windows is magnificent. In addition to the high lattice shape, black and white is the main color in the exhibition hall, supplemented by tension lines, making the exhibition hall more simple and atmospheric. At the same time, green and healthy elements are added, and green plants are used as ornaments to create a comfortable sensory experience

the exhibition hall space gives people an extraordinary bearing of openness and tolerance. At the same time, it has a sense of art, and it is simple without losing luxury

strength products, interpret the essence of high-end system doors and windows

this exhibition, Chengtu lark builds a platform with strength products, and makes quality and brand deeply rooted in the hearts of the people with the temperament of the leader of high-end system doors and windows. In the exhibition hall,

will display its system doors and windows products with seamless whole welding, ultra-low K value and super sealing, and interpret the essence of high-end system doors and windows

system doors and windows

refers to all materials (including profiles, glass, hardware, sealant, adhesive strips, auxiliary accessories and

supporting screens) that form a complete door and window subsystem. They are standardized products that have been integrated by strict brand technical standards and practiced for many times, and use special processing equipment and installer

tools, and process and install doors and windows according to standard processes

for the difference between "system window" and "ordinary window", we can use the analogy of "brand machine" and "assembly machine" of the computer. At present, the "high-end bridge broken aluminum alloy window" often mentioned in the project bidding, even if some brand products are used in all materials, the door and window as a whole lack of unified technical design integration, and the configuration between the materials of each subsystem constituting the door and window is unreasonable and incompatible, It is difficult to guarantee the excellent performance of the whole window, and it cannot meet the optimal performance price ratio requirements of Party A's project

in addition to doors and windows, lark also exhibited its fifth generation sunshine room system. The structures coordinated with each other to form an overall high-performance sunshine room system, refreshing the understanding of sunshine room

heavyweight policy, open the door of wealth with you

lark is ready to offer heavyweight preferential policies to merchants across the country at this China Construction Expo, open the door of wealth with franchisees, and enjoy the wealth feast together

2018 Guangzhou Construction Expo agreed with you

time: July 8-11, 2018

booth: Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Hall c14.1-11

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