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After the decoration, the owner officially moved in. A series of problems may arise in the use of home decoration facilities. Therefore, in the process of use, the owner should constantly pay attention to the necessary maintenance of home decoration tiles and floors, so that the service life of decoration can be longer

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the joints of ceramic tiles should be cleaned frequently

according to fansiqi, a real creative decoration and home furnishing consultant, ceramic tiles are the easiest to hide dirt at the joints

in order to keep the porcelain surface clean without damaging the brightness of the porcelain surface, you can use multi-functional detergent for cleaning. As for the cracks of ceramic tiles, you can first use a toothbrush dipped in a little detergent to remove dirt, and then brush a waterproof agent with a brush at the cracks, which can not only effectively prevent water seepage, but also prevent mold breeding

in addition, pay attention to avoid heavy objects hitting the surface of ceramic tiles or sharp objects scratching the surface during daily use

the wooden floor should be painted in time

the wooden floor will appear obsolete after use. How can we make the wooden floor look new? In fact, as long as a simple paint treatment can be

Liu Yang, manager of the customer service department of Shengxiang group company, introduced that there are two ways to paint the floor. One is to paint and color directly. The method is the same as that of wooden furniture. After drying, the floor wax can be applied. The wax should be uniform and not too thick, but this method is relatively professional and requires professionals to operate

and the second one is relatively simple. It doesn't need any color as the background color, nor any paint, but directly wipe it with floor wax. Especially for the pure waxed wooden floor, it will become brighter and smoother

in addition, pay special attention to walking on the solid wood floor, and do not drag it with the sole, otherwise the paint will become thinner and the service life will be shortened. And when cleaning, we should also pay attention to the dry humidity of the mop, and do not mop the floor when the moisture of the mop is saturated

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solid wood composite floor maintenance should be careful. Experts remind precautions in summer





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