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Feng shui knowledge of house decoration stresses the unity of heaven and man, and let Feng Shui serve people, which is the highest level of service that feng shui masters can provide to customers.</p>
<p>from the perspective of Feng Shui, the material and color of home decorations will have a great impact on the fate of residents.</p>
<p>so when looking at Feng Shui when decorating, feng shui masters will combine the five elements of the fate of residents, choose the most suitable decorative materials, and allocate the most suitable home colors , it can help the owner to prosper and dissolve the adverse information</p>
<p>IV. placing various professional evil mascots and dissolving evil spirits</p>
<p>the mascots of professional evil spirits are based on the principles of the book of changes, involving professional theories such as five elements, three talents, nine stars, eight trigrams, etc., which are highly professional and targeted, and also have a certain evil spirit</p>
<p>therefore, the location, time, orientation and other aspects of the mascots are very particular, and they cannot be placed at will. Otherwise, it will not only fail to turn evil spirits into evil spirits, but may also bring about counter effects. These require feng shui masters to put forward reasonable suggestions and purchase the most appropriate mascots according to the specific situation of home feng shui, so as to truly play the role of transforming evil spirits and warding off evil spirits</p>
<p>pay attention to Feng Shui about buying and decoration</p>
<p>first of all, the most important thing to think about the layout of decoration is the feng shui of the gate. The orientation of the gate is very important. Generally, you can find out the preferred orientation according to the orientation of people. For example, the preferred orientation of

the living room is a wealth position in the home, because in the decoration, the living room should try to avoid the top of the beam. Of course, it can be avoided in the home layout. Generally, the ceiling in the living room should not be placed too high. Generally, the ceiling is too high, which is easy to affect people's mental health. In Feng Shui, the ceiling is too low, which is easy to cause a sense of oppression, which means that the family is easy to be suppressed, and it is difficult to get ahead of the day. The best solution is to hang it higher

in the home, the stairs should not be opposite to the door, and the orientation of the door should not be in a straight line to form an opposition. The Feng Shui directly facing the Feng Shui above the feng shui is easy to affect the health of the body, including the feng shui of the stairs. The stairs are also the air outlet, and the door is opposite to the door, so the air outlet will be easily affected, including wealth and gas will be difficult to enter the door. Of course, the pattern of the stairs is difficult to change, Then it is suggested that F6 Taiji town can be hung on the door to professionally dissolve it

what is the stress of Feng Shui in buying and decorating a house? first, you need to know why the house is sold

whether the old owner has any adverse circumstances such as accidental injury. If you can know his industry, luck, health, marriage and so on, you can avoid staying in a vicious house from the beginning

second, clear the house type design pattern

because houses with unreasonable house type design should pay special attention to the poor pattern, such as opening the door to the balcony, kitchen door to the window, toilet door to the window or toilet to the kitchen. From the perspective of Feng Shui, it is a pattern of not accumulating wealth, which will lead to the decline of property after occupancy. We also need to consider the location of the kitchen and toilet. If the location is inappropriate, it will have a direct impact on the health of the family

third, it is necessary to know whether the house is lack of corners. A house without corners will always cause harm to a member of the family.

for example, the lack of Northwest corners is bad for the male owner of the house, the lack of Southwest corners is bad for the female owner, the lack of East corners is bad for the son, and the lack of West corners is bad for the daughter. Although you can also recuperate through feng shui supplies after you check in, wouldn't it be better if you could avoid it when you buy it

fourth, when buying a second-hand house, you must understand the decline of the house

this is also the most important link, that is, the key to your good luck or bad luck after you check in. Nowadays, most houses have seven fortunes (VII. When moving in, you should choose to do it on a auspicious day

you can check the almanac. All the days recorded in Tongsheng are: post horse, heavenly horse, Dehe, Kairi, Chengri, tianamnesty, Tianyuan, Sixiang, Shide, minri, yueen, etc. It is best to move. Do not record in Tongsheng: four wastes, five tombs, four departures, breaking the sun, weekdays, receiving days, closing days, four wonders, going to death, Guiji, Tianli, Dashi, Yueyan, Yuexing, Sansha, etc. there are also taboos The day when it collides with the zodiac of the owner

VIII. It needs special attention that

take 2

when you check in. In Feng Shui, you often attach great importance to orientation and location, because from the perspective of Feng Shui, different locations have different Feng Shui auras, so if you want to make something better, you must put it in the corresponding Feng Shui aura environment

for example, the position of the desk is related to Feng Shui. Different positions of the desk have different effects on the Feng Shui aura in the office, and this effect will directly affect the fate of the owner. As the office is mainly used for the owner's office work, when there is a problem with the placement of the desk, it will be detrimental to the owner's career development

is the location of the desk related to Feng Shui? Poor position is bad for your career

then what problems should be paid attention to when placing the desk, and how should the desk be placed





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