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Winter is coming again. I believe you can better understand the importance of door and window sealing at this time. Because if the doors and windows are ventilated, it is easy to cause cold indoor conditions. Therefore, in the decoration acceptance, doors and windows are also the focus of acceptance. Doors and windows are related to ventilation, lighting, rain protection, safety and other aspects, which need careful acceptance

first, the quality acceptance of the door

the inspection of the door first depends on whether the brand specification is consistent with the purchase contract, and then depends on whether the door surface has scratches, dents and other damage, whether the installation door frame is filled and sealed in place, whether the opening is flexible and whether there is abnormal noise, whether the lock handle is firm, whether the inserted key rotates smoothly, etc

in addition, check whether accessories such as cat's eye, decorative cover, keyhole piece, anti-collision strip, etc. are installed completely, especially whether the glass sheet on the cat's eye is damaged

II. Quality acceptance of windows

the inspection of windows includes whether the window sash is tight, whether the glass is damaged and cracked, whether the sealant, sealing strip and other accessories are complete, such as anti falling devices, bumpers, strip splicing are complete, and whether the glass meets the safety glass management regulations

if there is no problem on the surface of the window, you can slide the window with the switch, and try to open the window to feel whether the window sash moves smoothly on the window frame track, whether there is sound, etc. You can also push and pull the screen window and sash on the window, which should be pushed flexibly without collision with each other

doors and windows are one of the leakage sources of houses in rainy days. Consumers must carefully check the design and tightness of doors and windows during acceptance, so as not to leave hidden dangers of leakage. Take a tape measure when checking and accepting. How to save money in decoration? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation. Measure whether the window size is consistent at any time; Check whether there is a drain in the bottom frame of the door and window, so that the water exuding from the bottom frame can be discharged in time; Whether there is a drip line at the outer edge of the window to prevent rainwater from flowing into the windowsill or indoors





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