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The elite troops of the Russian army are seriously behind the Chinese Army: UAVs are like toys, and artillery manual plotting

according to the report of Russian Red Star Television on January 10, Colonel Vadim astafiyev, director of the southern military region of the Russian armed forces, introduced that the troops of the southern military region of Russia conducted the first artillery live fire drill in Volgograd in 2019. The 20th brigade of the 8th group army of the Russian southern military region held the first synthetic Corps firing training exercise of 201 pairs of low carbon steel in 9 years

this exercise is a reconnaissance fire fire training exercise of the synthetic Corps. It was held at prudboy range in Volgograd. The artillery used the "musta river-s" 152 mm self-propelled howitzer to shoot at the enemy's target, and the T-90A tank destroyed the enemy's target from different distances and positions

t-90a tanks and msta-s self-propelled artillery were trained in Volgograd

in the video of the exercise released by the Russian army, the Russian self-propelled artillery attached great importance to mobile operations. After each firing mission, the soldiers were practicing rapid mobility and entering new positions to prevent the enemy's anti artillery fire. Reconnaissance firing training is the joint operation of front-line scouts, correspondents and unmanned aircraft to complete the task with the cooperation of Artillery Forces and tanks. The 20th motorized infantry brigade is equipped with the latest reconnaissance UAV and the "Sagittarius sentinel" integrated system, which can transmit the newly discovered enemy target information to the artillery command and control center. The Russian army claimed that due to the use of the latest reconnaissance and shooting technology, the speed of firing missions was tripled. This training aimed at destroying potential enemy tanks, reconnaissance armored vehicles and fortification bunkers 6 kilometers away, and a total of 50 fire strike missions were completed

the 20th brigade of the 8th group army of the southern military region, which participated in the exercise, is the oldest elite force of the Russian army. Its full name is "the 20th brigade of the Carpathian Berlin motorized infantry of the red flag of the southern military region". Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was the 20th division of the Soviet Army stationed in Germany, which was adapted into the motorized brigade in the new century. Equipped with the latest t90a tank, the brigade just received the improved 2s19m2 "musta river-s" 152 mm self-propelled howitzer in 2018

from the external information disclosure of the Russian army, it can be seen that the 20th brigade of the Jinwei mobu is equipped with the most advanced artillery system in Russia at present, and the technical level is close to the 05 type 155 mm self-propelled howitzer system equipped by China 14 years ago. Artillery operations with high autonomy, flexibility and rapid response can be realized through UAV, forward reconnaissance system and automatic command system

however, this system of the Russian army is obviously still relatively elementary. The rubber band catapulted UAV is a 10kg micro UAV with the model of "Tachyon", which can detect suspicious targets within a range of 6km. The machine can be disassembled and put into a box, take off with rubber band ejection, and parachute recovery, which can send back real-time images. The micro UAV of the Chinese army is equipped in the synthetic battalion, which adopts the hand throw type, and inputs the calibration password: 761013 (shift the value bit with the "←" key) which is light and has more powerful reconnaissance ability. The Chinese Army synthetic brigade has been generally equipped with large unmanned aerial vehicles of 600 kg level, such as asn209, with a reconnaissance range of more than 100 kilometers

according to the video released by the Russian army, although the Russian artillery is equipped with an automated command system, it still needs manual marking, including material development and innovation, production process development and innovation, and product utilization and development innovation map operations, which is still some distance from the Chinese Army's mature automated artillery command system

2s19m2 "mustahe-s" 152 mm self-propelled howitzer is an improved version of 2s19 artillery. It began to serve in the Russian army in 2015, and was first equipped with the tamanskaya division and kanjiemirovka division under the first guard group army. 2s19m2 self-propelled gun is equipped with improved modern artillery devices and a new fire control system, which can realize automatic firing and greatly increase the firing speed

the southern military region center said, From the latest equipment in 2018, the modern 2s19m2 "msta-s" self-propelled "polyurethane market is indeed a makeshift, hybrid howitzer. Digital electronic maps can be used to make the positioning more accurate and perform combat tasks more effectively. The gun also has a high degree of mobility and can defeat any enemy targets and technical equipment. The Russian army believes that the performance of the gun has exceeded the latest m109a7 self-propelled howitzer of the US Army

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