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The current situation and Improvement Countermeasures of China's flat glass packaging

the modernization process of China's flat glass industry is fast, and the deep structural adjustment has made the industry have a better development foundation and market foundation. From a national perspective, the effect of the improvement of flat glass packaging is not ideal, the containerization rate is too low, the proportion of wooden box packaging is too large, and the promotion and use of wood substitute materials is unfavorable. Therefore, the development speed of flat glass packaging is not coordinated with that of the flat glass industry. The main line of the improvement of flat glass packaging is to implement the principle of centralized packaging, supplemented by wooden box packaging, and encourage the development of substitute wood packaging

the current situation of China's flat glass packaging

the development of flat glass containerization

in recent ten years, the containerization appliances used in China's flat glass containerization are mainly frame type, including folding type, integral package type, LH package type, etc. These forms of container racks have made important contributions to the consolidation of flat glass in China. Its installation form, stacking and emptying functions have been recognized by the railway transportation department. At the same time, it is also suitable for road transportation, and has passed the tests of the national standard of container equipment. Due to the progress of flat glass technology, large-size float glass market continues to emerge, and the glass export situation is promising. Therefore, larger glass containers have appeared in the market, with large-size glass packaged containers as the main form. In the past two years, the sliding hinge composite folding flat glass transportation turnover box developed by Changzhou yashifeng new packaging Co., Ltd. has also been put on the market. Its structure has great technological innovation, and the market use effect needs to be tested in practice. In addition, the high (medium) density plate assembled flat glass container developed by an expert in Hunan is not only suitable for containerization, but also a new form of packaging box made of wood substitute materials, and its role in the export packaging of flat glass is positive. However, due to various reasons, the promotion and use are unfavorable

for the whole country, the development of flat glass packaging is extremely uneven, and a considerable number of glass enterprises have not yet started. Although some glass enterprises have already carried out this work, they have stagnated in recent years. At present, the national flat glass containerization rate is about 20%, forming a situation in which Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are the best, Anhui, Henan, Shandong and other provinces are in the middle, and North China and Northeast China are poor

improvement of flat glass packaging supplemented by wooden case packaging

wooden case packaging is one of the main packaging forms of flat glass products in China. In recent years, there has been some progress in improving the packaging form of traditional wooden cases, mainly from optimizing the structure of wooden cases, properly mastering the capacity, selecting filler materials, strengthening key parts, reasonably selecting nails, etc., especially the introduction of nail gun technology and the application of special-shaped nails in the export of flat glass packaging, It effectively increases the strength and stability of the wooden box

at present, flower format large wooden cases and loose packed large wooden cases are the main forms of flat glass wooden cases. Generally speaking, the improvement of wooden box packaging is not great. Although the flat glass wooden box packaging still has the necessity and rationality at this stage, from the requirements of national economic development, there are still many disadvantages in the flat glass wooden box packaging. The large consumption of wood resources is extremely incompatible with the lack of wood resources in China. The destruction of ecological balance and water and soil loss caused by indiscriminate cutting should give us a warning

development trend of other wood packaging

replacing wood packaging with other materials is also the development direction of the improvement of flat glass packaging. In China, magnesite concrete flat glass packaging box, corrugated cardboard flat glass packaging box, flat glass plastic steel structure packaging box and flat glass injection molding packaging box have appeared, but for various reasons, they have not developed. Among the newly developed flat glass packaging materials, high (medium) pressure density board packaging cases have certain practical value. At the same time, the advent of new wood plastic packaging materials and degradable molded honeycomb paper-based plates have provided new materials for the improvement of flat glass packaging. It is believed that wood substitute materials will be widely used in flat glass packaging in the near future

implement the improvement policy of flat glass packaging, improve the packaging level of the industry

promote the development of containerization technology, and improve the level of containerization of the industry

containerization technology is the main technology of flat glass packaging in China. The development of flat glass containerization should be based on improving the level of containerization technology, take market development as a breakthrough, and take the road of technological innovation. On the basis of the original containerized equipment, develop new materials and develop new containerized equipment. Outdated packaging equipment is difficult to be accepted by the market. We must work hard on the upgrading of products, have innovative ideas in product materials, be pioneering in technology, and have a high starting point, high quality, high grade and high standard in product design. Only in this way can the innovation of containerization technology and products achieve the best market benefits

change ideas and strengthen packaging management and operation mechanism

the main reason for the lag of flat glass packaging is that enterprises do not pay attention to packaging work and think that packaging has little impact on enterprise benefits. In fact, the quality of packaging will directly affect the quality of glass products and the market share at home and abroad, as well as the cost of glass products and the safety of transportation, In particular, packaging can improve the added value of glass products

therefore, the decision-makers of enterprises should change their thinking, establish a real concern about packaging, pay attention to packaging, strengthen the packaging management of enterprises, make full use of the existing containerized equipment, and accelerate the turnover and use is the key to improve the containerized rate. Establish a market-oriented management mechanism, improve the quality of packaging managers, enhance the awareness of market management decision-making, and integrate packaging work into the market management mechanism

vigorously promote the packaging reform of enterprises and promote the adjustment of packaging industrial structure

the packaging organizational structure of glass production enterprises should also be adjusted. Some large enterprises are timid in the adjustment of organizational structure, and have not established a special packaging organization so far, let alone promote the packaging industrial structure. Among them, there are several types of solid wrenches to change the experimental machine, ratchet wrenches to change the experimental machine The open-end wrench changes the experimental machine and the lever arm wrench changes the experimental machine and so on. Therefore, to promote the reform of packaging organization structure, we should not engage in forms, but emphasize practical results, and implement long-term development strategies, so as to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance market competitiveness, so as to truly give full play to the effectiveness of the operation of the packaging industry

strengthen macro-control and market regulation, and promote the development of industrial packaging

under the condition of market economy, the macro-control of government departments is very necessary, especially for flat glass packaging. For example, for the problem of deforestation, government departments should clarify legislation and regulations, strengthen the implementation of regulations, and combine the establishment and implementation of regulations with the regulatory role of the market, so as to guide the development of glass packaging industry. By organizing the formulation and revision of the national standard for flat glass packaging, we will strictly supervise and inspect the quality of glass packaging, reject unqualified packaging products from the market, and ensure the operation of high-quality glass products. The relevant administrative departments of the government should stand at a higher angle, give play to the functional role of the government, guide and help enterprises develop, assist and guide enterprises to solve some specific problems in the development of enterprise packaging

encourage investment in the research and development of new packaging, promote the use of innovative products

flat glass packaging should be improved. The development cannot be separated from the investment of funds, improve the technical level and product quality, and increase the technical transformation and innovation of packaging product varieties. However, the development of flat glass packaging cannot rely on the investment of the state. To adapt to the new economic development situation, enterprises should invest as much as possible, Or use the funds accumulated from the original containerization to improve the glass packaging of flat glass in 2014

enterprises should take the lead in using new materials for wood substitute packaging and innovative packaging products that should be promoted. They must not hinder the promotion of new packaging products by Chuang plastic recycling granulator to regenerate plastic raw materials needed by enterprises after the treatment of waste plastics in daily life

over the past decade, the improvement of flat glass packaging has accumulated some experience and laid a good material and technical foundation, but the current situation of flat glass packaging is not satisfactory. It is a strategic choice to further promote the containerization of flat glass, do a good job in wooden box packaging, and develop substitute wood packaging materials to ensure the healthy development of flat glass packaging and enhance the improvement of flat glass packaging in China

therefore, we should take the market as the guide and change our ideas and management mechanism; For the purpose of improving economic benefits, develop marketable packaging products with qualified quality; Take innovation as the driving force, face the market, and take the road of system innovation, management innovation, technological innovation and product innovation; Combine macro-control with market regulation, give play to the supervision and service role of the association, formulate and revise necessary flat glass packaging standards, standardize the market order of packaging products, and promote the healthy development of flat glass packaging

we believe that if we implement the policy of focusing on containerization, supplemented by wooden packaging, and encourage the development of other wood packaging, we will get rid of the dilemma, improve the current situation of flat glass packaging, and speed up the pace of improvement of flat glass packaging. (

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