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Russian biochemical company seeks investment to transform the production of pulp and paper.

Russian Khor biochemical company plans to transform its idle biochemical plant into an integrated pulp and paper plant at ambient temperature. They hope that the annual production capacity of the plant using chemical thermomechanical pulp as raw material can reach 100000 metric tons

khor is looking for buyers or investment partners to pay $55million and about $25million in production costs for equipment transformation. The government of the region where the company is located is willing to provide preferential conditions for investment

the factory is located in Khor on the randilia railway line, President of aert. It belongs to the Far East of Russia, and its products will be mainly supplied to eastern Russia and China. The company said that since the local paper production accounted for only 2% of Russia, there were few competitors. They claimed that, based on the average market growth rate of% per year, even if the new plant is put into operation, local demand will still exceed supply

this factory is a biochemical processing plant established by the former Soviet Union in the 1970s to provide the world's leading R & D technology for the production of new composite materials with large structures. It processes local wood into yeast products, and lignin is its by-product. After the collapse of the former Soviet Union, workers and managers formed Khor biochemical company and took over the factory. However, with the subsequent economic downturn, the demand for such products decreased significantly, and the factory was forced to stop production in 1995 due to the continuous improvement of the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry in the 19th

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