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The Russian Foreign Minister will visit Japan in April to prepare for Abe's visit to Russia and ensure that the belt will never deviate

[global report, Wang Huan] the Japanese and Russian governments held Deputy Foreign Minister level consultations at the Itakura residence in Tokyo on February 15. The Russian Foreign Ministry announced on the same day that Foreign Minister Lavrov would visit Japan in April. Lavrov is expected to hold talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida. Japan's Kyodo news agency believes that Lavrov's visit is aimed at preparing for the talks between Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin in the southern Russian city of Sochi in May

it is reported that Abe is considering making an informal visit to Russia to show his attitude of trying to promote the stalled negotiations on the South Kuril Islands (Japan said: the four northern islands). As Lavrov's visit to Japan has been finalized, whether Putin will return to Russia after Abe's visit this year and whether he can find a way to make concrete progress in territorial negotiations may become a topic in the future

the new government representative of the Japanese government in charge of foreign affairs to Russia, if he can show that the machine is functional, former ambassador to Russia kishito Harada and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister 4 Morgulov attended the consultations on the 15th when he was in Canada

At the beginning of the consultation, Harada mentioned the two Japan Russia summit talks after September 2015, saying that "Japan Russia relations have shown a positive momentum of maintaining high-level political dialogue since the second half of last year. We hope to further promote this momentum". Morgulov responded that the debate on the fire resistance of thermal insulation wall materials had not stopped "looking forward to the acceleration of negotiations between Japan and Russia"

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