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The current situation and future trend of the development of stamping technology

the current situation and future trend of the development of stamping technology

(1) highlight the "precision, saving and net"

(2) stamping forming is more "scientific, digital and controllable"

(3) stamping forming can realize the whole process control

(4) products enter control from the beginning of design, Considering the process

(5) flexibility and flexibility of stamping production

(6) application of composite technology

future development:

(1) electronic technology has moved from design to commerce, which has brought buyers' auction and increased the competition difficulty of the industry

(2) enterprises that are determined to participate in market competition must develop professional production of products

(3) the stamping parts factory will participate in the design and functional supply of the main engine of the main engine factory. Revitalizing the real economy is the foundation of a powerful country

(4) talents are the focus of enterprises' competition, and the daily implementation of personnel re education and network education is becoming more and more important

(5) the contradiction between stamping parts batch and cost is becoming increasingly acute. Global platform production will enter the stamping industry

(6) the cooperation between suppliers stamping plants and stamping plants users is becoming more and more important. In the whole industry, stamping and forging are a weak industry, and only unity can adapt to changes

(6) report folder report template folder 7) the investment in stamping industry will be larger and larger, and the update will be faster and faster

(8 this year) the key of stamping is the die, and the development of stamping die is very important

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