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Russian food plastic packaging manufacturers expand production and raise prices

the total consumption of Russia's domestic packaging market is about 1.5 billion to 1.7 billion US dollars, of which the market for soft polymer packaging materials is estimated to be 800 million to 850 million US dollars per year. However, according to some experts' estimates, the current market demand level in Russia accounts for only 15% of the maximum consumption, so the development prospect of this industry is very broad. The soft polymer packaging materials produced by domestic manufacturers in Russia account for 40% - 70% of the market share (mainly depending on the type of packaging materials), and their market share may gradually expand in the future

before 1998, the competitive pressure in the Russian flexible packaging material market mainly came from imported products. After 2000, this cruel competition mainly existed between Russian domestic enterprises

Alexander Kutz, manager of advertising and marketing department of Russian "Slavic" open stock company, pointed out that the pressure of competition came from within the industry. The most competitive is the multi-layer packaging industry, and the least competitive is the thermoforming packaging material industry. Some enterprises have gradually been unable to bear the pressure of price competition

the domestic polymer packaging material market in Russia has the strongest development, and the number of production enterprises and sales departments is also increasing year by year. New polypropylene packaging material production projects are launched every year. Experts pointed out that the demand for polymer materials in the Russian domestic market continued to increase, and the long mechanical properties of parts and materials could also be estimated according to the hardness, as well as favorable factors such as the stable economic and political environment in Russia attracted investors, who invested and built factories in Russia one after another

main manufacturers

enterprises in Russia that produce polymeric flexible packaging materials for food freezing and preservation include:“ ГОТЭК-Полипак”、 “ Данафлекс”、 “ Конфлекс”、 "Ural plastics", "packaging factory"“ Лиматон” Etc. Some of these companies are also engaged in export business, such as exporting polymer flexible packaging products to Turkey and China. These companies compete with other Russian enterprises, such as enterprises in the Far East of Russia

the characteristics of the demand for flexible packaging materials in the food industry are: first, the products should meet high safety standards, the printing technology should be superb, and the supply can be completed as soon as possible

market demand

Russian frozen food manufacturers mainly need transparent and Pearl foam polypropylene materials, double-layer pressing materials (made of transparent polypropylene and sprayed metal polypropylene materials), isolated metal foil (multi-layer materials made of various components, such as foil sheets/polyethylene sheets). The annual demand reaches 6500 tons (about 924 million rubles)

producers of semi-finished refrigerated meat in Russia mainly need polyethylene packaging materials with written instructions and flexible packaging materials made of polypropylene polyethylene. The annual demand is 5000 tons (about 630million rubles)

Russian manufacturers of fresh-keeping vegetables, fruits and mushrooms mainly need flexible packaging materials made of polyethylene with written instructions. The annual market demand reaches 2000 tons (about 120 million rubles). This industry has little demand for multi-layer hybrid materials and other flexible packaging materials made of polypropylene and polyethylene materials

insiders said that an obvious trend in the Russian flexible packaging material market is that the share of polymer packaging materials in the whole market continues to increase if class a materials are forcibly required. In the past 10 years, its sales volume has increased almost 11 times. Experts believe that; In the Russian polymer packaging material industry, the share of film materials is gradually expanding, and the market is also gradually adjusting the demand for multi-layer flexible packaging materials


“ ГОТЭ-Полипак” Vyacheslav drozdov, manager of the company's marketing department, pointed out that at present, the demand for soft polymer packaging materials in all industries in Russia is gradually expanding. Meat semi-finished products and vegetable manufacturers have special requirements for packaging materials, while frozen food manufacturers have few restrictions on packaging materials. Although the expansion of the production types of packaging materials is a gratifying phenomenon, it also leads to the increase of additional expenses in the production process, that is to say, it leads to the rise of prices

in addition, the continuous rise in the price of polymer materials is also a trend. Kutz said that the rise in the price of polymer raw materials has led to the rise in the price of our single column tensile machine, which can be used for packaging materials with small sample size and small tensile force, and the manufacturers are trying to control the price of packaging materials so as not to lose orders. In recent years, the cost of packaging materials has surged by 20% due to the rising price of raw materials

experts also believe that the situation of the raw material market has prompted various manufacturers of flexible packaging materials to adjust their prices and transform the market competition from simple price competition to competition in the preparation of the "1035" plan for new materials for product quality, sales and after-sales service, which will bring benefits to consumers

source: Zhonghua plastics

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