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Russian black Technology: soldiers are equipped with mechanical bones and can hold machine guns with one hand

Russian black Technology: soldiers are equipped with mechanical bones and can hold machine guns with one hand

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original title: Russian black Technology: soldiers are equipped with mechanical bones and can hold machine guns with one hand

recently, Russia has developed a black technology known as "Soldier Combat equipment life support system", in which an equipment called "exoskeleton" is very eye-catching

this kind of equipment is part of the military concept of Russian soldiers' personal armor, which is to improve the wearer's physical strength and endurance, so that individual soldiers can carry heavy equipment with them. It is understood that after wearing this "exoskeleton", soldiers can use machine guns with only one hand and can accurately hit the target

the exoskeleton has not been shown in the actual demonstration, but Russia is solving the two traditional problems of industrial production at a higher level, that is, increasing output and decreasing cost. Senior officials of the national weapons Design Institute of Russia revealed that the mechanization project is being tested

the reason why it is called Soldier Combat equipment life support system is that the relevant designers of this technology in Russia have tested the movable exoskeleton model, and they said that this really enhances the physical ability of soldiers

this system is planned to be completed in 2025, which is also to cater to the research and development of Russia's third-generation personal armor (named "soldier"), its biggest advantage, and make "mechanical combat police" a reality

"soldier" is an upgraded version of the soldiers' standard combat clothing previously released. It focuses on intelligent elements and wearable technologies, which will improve the soldiers' combat ability

in December last year, the 2018 Russian army exposition was held in Moscow. At the meeting, mechanical exoskeleton became a topical topic and attracted widespread attention all over the world

Russian military procurement officials also announced the specific performance of the mechanical exoskeleton on the spot

according to the published information, most of the suspension components are made of aluminum, and the mechanical exoskeleton kit is all made of carbon fiber. It is driven by the motor, which provides the main power source. After the motor is started, it moves with the soldier's body to help the soldier carry additional weight

developers also showed wearable technology that will be replaced by active exoskeleton, which they call passive exoskeleton. Unlike the expected kit expected in 2025, the passive exoskeleton has no motor and provides physical support only by supporting the wearer's posture. The weight of this passive exoskeleton is about ten kilograms, which is said to help reduce the weight of soldiers by about 100 kilograms

at present, the Russian army has equipped minesweepers in service in Syria with this technology to reduce the heavy load of their professional bags and scanners

in order to make it easy for soldiers to carry heavy armor, the Russian Central Academy of precision mechanical engineering is preparing to make relevant improvements to the mechanical exoskeleton, for example, titanium may be used to design the exoskeleton. The relevant design has been preliminarily completed, and a combination of battery and motor is currently being designed

we will wait and see about this black technology in Russia

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