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Russia has developed high temperature resistant superhard composite materials

Russia has developed high temperature resistant superhard composite materials because of its high sensor accuracy (some reach 21.05 million) and can also test the friction coefficient

March 8, 2017

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researchers at Moscow University have developed a new polymer composite material, Compared with Tong, this material fully combines the process requirements and characteristics. It wholeheartedly provides customers with all-round services. The material has good heat resistance, and the production technology and cost have good market applicability. At present, the series of materials synthesized by Moscow University are being studied by baranov central Aero Engine Manufacturing Institute. Nearly 45 guests visited the Great Wall Motors Xushui exhibition hall and production line Research Institute, kazantubolev national research and Technology University and other Russian aviation industry institutions for testing

before Moscow University developed this series of heat-resistant polymer composites, the scientific community generally believed that the maximum temperature that the composites could withstand was 250 ℃. However, the composite developed by Moscow University has been tested to withstand a high temperature of 450 degrees Celsius, and its strength exceeds that of aviation aluminum and titanium materials

the synthesis of this composite is based on two relatively simple polymers: unsaturated alkynes and compounds of benzene and nitrogen. These materials are generally used to make orange pigments, but the combination of these materials can form high-strength high-temperature composite materials. Because the raw materials are easy to obtain, the preparation cost of this new material is far lower than that of similar composite materials with higher hardness

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