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On December 4, the Russian Ministry of defense uploaded a video on social media, confirming that the latest "peresvet" laser system of the Russian army has entered the combat duty

Putin introduced the latest progress of several important strategic weapons in his state of the Union address in March this year, but when talking about the "peresvet" laser system, he still sold it

Putin said that Russia has made significant achievements in the development of laser weapons, and it is not just theoretical or programmatic - "peresvet" laser system was delivered to the Russian army in 2017, but he did not say much about this weapon as a successful successor to many ordinary materials

as we all know, laser weapons have many unique advantages, such as fast attack speed, high cost-effectiveness ratio, strong anti saturation attack ability (almost unlimited ammunition) and various killing methods. Although there is little public information about the "peresvet" laser system, referring to the ideas of such projects of other military powers, RIA Novosti believes that this weapon will obviously have a wide range of uses, not only destroying ground facilities, air defense and anti missile, but also anti satellite

if we turn over the development plan of laser weapons in the United States, these uses listed by Russian media are similar to those listed by their heroes. For example, the current antimissile method is mostly "guided antimissile". If the high-energy laser weapon system is applied to antimissile, its reaction speed, fault-tolerant space, anti electromagnetic interference performance and cost-effectiveness ratio will be greatly improved. The U.S. missile defense agency estimates that the cost of a single shot of high-energy laser is about one tenth of that of the "Aegis" anti missile system

in addition, Russian experts also predict that Russia may deploy a laser weapon system (named S-700?) in space in 25 to 30 years, It is used to intercept ballistic trajectory and attack enemy satellites in the middle

but it can only be said that in terms of anti missile and anti satellite operations, laser weapon system will be a better choice. Of course, this is also the future development direction of "peresvet" laser system. At present, the "peresvet" laser system can not practice the vast majority of the "wish list"

at present, these primary forms of military lasers will be greatly reduced in the face of some extreme weather. For example, haze, rain, snow, and sandstorms have been approved by China's State Food and drug administration, so that there is a joke that "haze can also prevent lasers", let alone used to perform strategic tasks such as anti missile and anti satellite

Borisov, Deputy Minister of defense of Russia, admitted that "peresvet" still needs to be significantly upgraded in the future (in order to reach the tactical standard). At present, peresvaite is more likely to need to add appropriate fixtures in response to the urgent threat of unmanned aerial vehicles; There are also some super hardness data that play a role

since this year, the Russian military base in Syria has encountered many drone cluster attacks. On the one hand, these drones are relatively backward in technology, on the other hand, the combination of Russian electronic warfare equipment and air defense system is indeed effective enough, but fortunately, it has not caused large losses. However, in the future asymmetric war or great power war, UAV cluster attack will become a common means, and the anti UAV cluster has been generally added to the Russian military's exercise plan in 2019

drones shot down by Russian troops in Syria

the large-scale invasion of "unmanned swarm" will infinitely magnify the "chronic diseases" such as slow response of traditional air defense systems and limited ammunition. Especially with the development of artificial intelligence technology, "intelligent swarm" will make the above loopholes larger and larger. If the high-energy laser weapon system is added to the traditional combination of electronic warfare equipment and air defense system, the woven "sky" will be more rigorous

at present, the shape of "peresvet" is like a freight container installed on a wheeled chassis with an investment range of all sizes. It is huge and bulky, but it should not be a problem to be competent in anti UAV operations. The future upgrading and reconstruction will start with the compact structure and the reduction of the number of auxiliary vehicles and combatants. Taking into account the size and mobility, if we want to achieve effective anti missile and anti satellite operations, "peleswaite" needs a revolutionary breakthrough in energy creation and storage technology in the future

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