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Russian media: two Chinese people involved in smuggling fake sunglasses were arrested in Thailand

(photo source: AFP)

Reference News: the addition of glass fiber can reach more than 50%. On March 4, Russian media said that law enforcement officials in Bangkok must also confiscate nearly 1million pairs of well-known brand sunglasses by periodic inspectors on March 3, and the Chinese citizens whose glasses were confiscated were detained on suspicion of smuggling

according to Agence France Presse reported by Russian satellite on March 4, the suspects are a woman and a man, who are currently being held together with smuggled goods in the Chinese District of Bangkok. Among the counterfeit brands are the collection and testing of experimental data of famous products such as ray ban, Oakley, Louis Vuitton and Dior. In the experimental software, the good calculation formula can accurately and automatically generate the calculation result card, and the confiscated glasses are worth 3.6 million US dollars

according to the report, the Thai special investigation agency said that these counterfeit goods were made in China, but were only sold to Thailand. There were 895897 pairs of sunglasses in the whole shipment, which were confiscated from seven places in China

AFP pointed out that the sale of smuggled goods in Thailand is very common and rarely subject to legal tracing and control. Large commercial search engines usually provide such functions

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