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Gazprom announced the import and export prices of natural gas this year

Gazprom announced the import and export prices of natural gas this year. The country and price of Russian imported natural gas (unit: 1000 cubic meters) are: Uzbekistan, 220 US dollars; Turkmenistan, US $222; Kazakhstan, 230.4 US dollars; Azerbaijan, US $244.5. The country and price of the exporting country is Belarus, 170 US dollars. Armenia, US $182; Moldova, US $240; Ukraine, US $230; Georgia, 270 dollars; Other European countries $375. The price of natural gas supplied by Russia to the former Soviet Union depends on the relationship between different countries. For example, when Ukraine can know the status of the experimental machine and various experimental parameters through the display screen, it will get a discount when buying Russian natural gas. The re export cost of natural gas imported by Russia from Kazakhstan has reached US $275, but it is only US $230 sold to Ukraine. Russia and Georgia are in a state of hostility, but Russia's natural gas pipeline to Armenia passes through Georgia, so Russia also exports some natural gas to Georgia at cost price

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