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On the paper packaging decoration design and packaging structure design in the market economy

paper packaging design is a packaging decoration design and packaging structure design based on paper and paperboard as the base material, which is carried out by designers according to the characteristics of the packaged goods, with aesthetic point of view and scientific analysis

the packaging and decoration design of paper ware is composed of three basic units: point, line and surface. The harmonious beauty of the whole paper packaging is formed by the combination of color, text, graphics and images, the coordination and utilization of color principles and other means of expression. After entering the information age, computers have been applied to packaging decoration design and packaging structure design, and have played an unprecedented role as auxiliary equipment. Text, graphics, image design software has played an unparalleled role in the original design method. The processing and transformation of various filters make the design colorful. Paper packaging designers not only input graphics and texts, but also apply the ideas of graphic design and color composition to practice through design and expression. Both packaging and decoration design and packaging structure design should have design ideas and design inspiration. In this way, the designed packaging can have characteristics and make the decoration design serve customers well. It is the mission to convey product information and compare with similar products in the market, so as to attract customers and increase the sales force of products. Through the beauty of decoration design, improve the popularity of products and promote product sales

packaging and decoration designers of paper products should not only concentrate on the beauty of decoration design, but also consider the feasibility of printing. Good decoration design gives people simple and generous beauty. At the same time, it is convenient to realize the printing process and the box making process. In the decoration design, the color of spot color printing that exceeds the color of the printing machine unit used should be avoided, and the design should be combined with the scope of application of the printing machine used. Oversized design cannot be printed; Too many colors, secondary printing will cause inaccurate overprint; Large area of dark color printing is prone to scratch; A small amount of bleeding will affect the subsequent process processing. These problems should be comprehensively considered by decoration designers, so that the designed packaging products can adapt to people's aesthetic views and meet the actual production and market needs

the packaging structure design of the paper container is designed to realize the safety and stability of the packaged goods in the sales process. Decoration design and structural design are interdependent and integrated. The packaging structural design of paper should make full use of the protection of the texture of the selected materials, establish the concept of space, apply the concept of three-dimensional composition to the packaging structural design, and also make full use of the effects and functions of the cutting line, folding line, plane and hollowed out surface of the packaging materials, so as to make the modeling structure beautiful, protect the goods, and facilitate the use of customers. In order to save raw materials, reduce material costs and facilitate storage and transportation, the packaging structure design usually adopts a folding structure. Considering the anti falling and easy opening of the package, self-locking bottom and easy tearing structure are often used. Structural designers need to fully understand the feasibility of processing technology and the ability of the processing equipment, so that good design ideas can be achieved. At the same time, packaging designers should not only consider the beautiful packaging structure, but also consider the practicality of the packaging. No matter how good the appearance design is not applicable, it is inconvenient for customers to use, the packaging efficiency is low, and it is not a good design. They should consider comprehensively to become a good packaging with a high design level that can withstand deliberation

since China's reform and opening up, a large number of foreign enterprises have invested in China and produced many world-famous brand products, which have a strong brand effect on packaging. Especially paper packaging, from packaging decoration design to packaging structure design are very particular. In terms of decoration design, foreign well-known enterprises have unique company logo patterns and logo colors, which can succinctly and vividly establish the image of product producers. For example, the paper packaging of digital cameras and digital video cameras produced by Sony Corporation of Japan has characteristics from packaging decoration design to packaging structure design. The logo, color and structure are integrated, showing the high-quality image of Sony products. The products of other well-known foreign enterprises are basically sold all over the world with the same brand, model, packaging and decoration design and packaging structure design. In addition, brand products strive to have the same main color tone. Many products are produced in China, but they are sold abroad. When they are sent to all parts of the world, the product packaging only changes the words and codes in different languages from the packaging and decoration. Due to the unification of packaging decoration design and packaging structure design, paper packaging in English is basically universal. These packages are generally designed in foreign countries, and the design results are sent to China through electronic documents, and then output films. After foreign investors confirm the domestic packaging materials in China, they are reproduced, printed, processed and manufactured into finished packaging products. After being confirmed by an international well-known company, the packaging supplier is qualified to provide corresponding packaging to the company's factories all over the world, realizing the real meaning of transnational and cross provincial and municipal joint packaging procurement

at present, most domestic enterprises have not formed a strong brand effect in product packaging decoration and packaging structure design. Although domestic well-known enterprises have begun to hire advertising companies to carry out corporate image design and product packaging design for enterprises, most of these advertising companies do not have enough knowledge and innovative development ability in packaging materials and packaging structure, so the designed packaging often lacks the ability to integrate materials Structure and decoration design are well combined. Large domestic enterprises or enterprise groups should have their own corporate image and packaging design departments or entrust professional companies with comprehensive design and development capabilities to design corporate image and systematic product packaging for them. In the market economy, with the improvement of people's living standards, the needs of people from all walks of life have been stepped up. The surface spring tension and compression testing machine, spring change testing machine and spring fatigue testing machine meet the needs of the market. The level of packaging and decoration, packaging structure improvement, new material design, research and development, manufacturing and utilization. Structural designers should deeply study the characteristics of products, develop and innovate decoration and plastic arts, Make full use of the existing resources controlled by the controller and with interlocking protection source, and constantly create vibrant, harmonious and beautiful decoration design and structural design by using the decoration effect of new materials and new processes

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