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Talking about the current situation and potential market of machine printed water-based inks

in recent years, with the acceleration and final completion of the process of European integration and the annual growth of the number of domestic textile export processing, the European community has more and more stringent so-called environmental protection requirements for made in China. These measures keep raw material suppliers at home and abroad awake at night, updating product standards and tracking product quality day and night, To ensure the accurate and smooth processing of environmental protection slurry

for most printing manufacturers, there may be some environmental protection standards that stipulate that there is a line blocking device under the fixture that can adjust the height up and down. 61 the so-called harmful substances such as APEO, organotin, PAH, PFAS, etc., do not know what they are at a loss! However, we still have to choose to face these absurd requirements. For a long time, since we have chosen the direction of export processing, we must make every effort to successfully complete these orders, so as to ensure the maximum satisfaction of foreign customers, exchange more foreign exchange and enhance national strength

when it comes to textile trade, I have to mention the United States and Japan, two old friends who have a long history with China. For a long time, the United States has never stopped caring for and sanctioning China's trade. Although the Chinese people have sent cheap and high-quality textile products to the American people, they have not been recognized and appreciated by Uncle Tom. On the contrary, the U.S. government is tit for tat It has intensified its finger pointing and strict defense against made in China. What is more ridiculous is that it has also made vicious attacks on the Chinese government and the Chinese people from time to time through the media, such as the previous case of children eating toy rubber balls by mistake, which led to the factory boss jumping from a building; These events tell us that there is a term called environmental protection

in short, before China truly becomes a world power, we still need to work more seriously, have a more modest learning attitude and be more patient

I. what is machine printed water-based ink

the so-called machine printing water-based ink refers to a hydrophilic resin size that can be used for printing on a full-automatic machine. It can be dispersed in water and dissolved evenly into emulsion or paste. Adding water to the raw material will not affect its chemical properties

corresponding to machine printing water-based ink is machine printing thermosetting ink or hand printing water-based ink

1. Machine printed thermosetting ink

is a thermoplastic ink commonly known as plastisol. It is soluble in solvents and insoluble in water. A single layer of ink must be molten at a high temperature of ℃. Under a high temperature environment, it relies on the action of plasticizers to complete the physical molecular polymerization reaction, so as to have the strongest washing fastness and the strongest grip and peel resistance with fabrics

advantages of machine printed thermosetting ink:

○ because it cannot be dried at room temperature, the molecular particles are fine, so it can pass through the high-end yarn without residue, and the hole blockage problem will not occur

○ when the cover is not opened or sealed, the ink is stored for a long time, and generally it will not deteriorate for years. When the cover is opened at room temperature ℃, it will not agglomerate or deteriorate

disadvantages of machine printed thermosetting ink:

○ because it cannot be dried at room temperature, the drying temperature is required to be higher, between ℃; It will cause color difference when some sensitive colors or sensitive fabrics pass through the tunnel dryer

○ in high-temperature working environment, such as ℃ or during machine printing, ink will begin to harden with the rise of platen temperature, so it is necessary to supplement and replace fresh slurry in time

○ a large printing pressure is required to make the ink properly penetrate into the fabric to achieve the best firmness and suppress the fabric wool on the surface of the fabric

○ the viscosity is very high and needs to be stirred vigorously

2. Fingerprint water-based ink

is what we generally call rubberink paste. The resin type is acrylic, soluble in water, insoluble in solvents, and also hydrophilic size. It can be dispersed in water and evenly dissolved to form emulsion or paste. Generally, after adding curing agent, it can start self hinge action and natural drying at low temperature in the air, or press ironing or drying at ℃ temperature, And make the water completely volatilize, so as to achieve the purpose of complete gelation. It has the strongest washing fastness, softness and peel resistance

advantages of handprint water-based ink:

○ low temperature drying, under the same printing process conditions, the hand feel is relatively soft and smooth with thermosetting ink

○ when using a low eye version, a small printing force can be used for sizing

○ low viscosity, easy mixing operation

disadvantages of handprint water-based ink:

○ during the printing process, the water volatilizes quickly, and it is very easy to dry quickly when the ink layer is very thin, such as on the plate surface, especially in hot weather or high-temperature working environment, which is more prone to blocking and film-forming problems

○ the storage time is relatively short compared with the ink. When the cover is not opened or sealed, the storage time is generally about 1 year. When the cover is opened, the surface will form a film and dry in a very short time

○ it has a relatively strong touch and is not the type that American customers like

the above is a brief introduction to machine printing thermosetting ink and hand printing water-based ink. Let's see: what are the characteristics of machine printing water-based ink

3. Machine printing water-based ink

as the name suggests, it is a hydrophilic special resin slurry that can be printed on a full-automatic machine. It is soluble in water and insoluble in solvents

second, the current situation of environmental protection printing at home and abroad

in foreign countries, although the full-automatic printing machine and environmental protection printing are from the 20th to the 22nd of the holiday, the raw materials have been very popular, and the process is also very mature. Not only does the environmentally friendly silk screen printing flower tend to be an important part of advanced high-molecular materials, its output value is close to the semi mature of the industry, but also the current foreign popular trend has developed from silk printing to a new integrated digital silk screen printing process, And has begun to show the trend of popularity

in China, many manufacturers are still hesitating about whether to choose environmentally friendly and safe pastes or cheap non environmentally friendly or unstable pastes! Many manufacturers are also having a headache about whether to choose automatic printing equipment or continue to use artificial hand table

at the dawn of the reform of the printing industry, for printing manufacturers, the decision is in your hands. Sail against the current, or retreat! Do we choose to do better and bigger printing enterprises for ourselves, our descendants and our country, or do we choose to drift with the tide and be swallowed up by the tide of reform

I believe the answer is very clear: rush forward and create a better and brilliant future for the printing industry

then, in the face of many dizzying provisions of European environmental protection standards and the increasing processing costs and prices of domestic artificial raw materials, we need not only an environmental protection slurry that fully conforms to European standards, but also an efficient and simple full-automatic printing equipment to replace manual operations. Therefore, we have to start to really consider the feasibility and investment plan of full-automatic machine environmental protection printing, Faced with many brands of fully automatic machines and environmentally friendly raw materials, how can we make a prudent choice

in the last issue of textile printing magazine, I have made a detailed analysis and explanation on the selection and functional focus of the full-automatic machine. Here, I will focus on the selection of environmental friendly machine printing paste

III. selection and use guidance of machine printing water-based inks

through the above explanation of various inks, I believe you already know what machine printing water-based inks are. Now the more popular brand types in the printing market in China and Southeast Asia are as follows:

American water-based ink brands such as Ruilun WB series/weifeishi, etc

Japanese water-based ink brands such as Matsui 301 SERIES/greater Japan, etc

the outstanding characteristics of these brands are their strong printing ability on the machine, non blocking, simple operation, safety and environmental protection, and free of PVC, plasticizers and other prohibited substances in European standards. Now let's take Matsui 301 series as an example to make a simple analysis and Discussion on how to select machine printed water-based inks, how to operate and use machine printed water-based inks, and some details that need to be paid attention to in the operation process:

1 The selection of raw materials

the key is to be suitable for machine printing, without blockage, stable quality, environmental protection and safety

no plug problem:

the plug problem has always been a major problem perplexing printing factories. Many machine printing factories will have a lot of failure experience in putting ordinary glue (i.e. fingerprint water-based ink) on the machine. Because it takes less than minutes to print at the beginning, the version will quickly form a film, and the hole blockage problem needs to be cleaned in time. In this way, the production is inefficient, and the waste of slurry is huge

environmental protection, safety and quality stability:

many fingerprint water-based ink (glue) suppliers have poor quality stability. There were many examples of sample tests that passed the inspection, but after the bulk goods were shipped, they were banned from entering the destination country because of environmental protection problems. There are many similar examples. There was also a painful lesson that a brand was ordered off the counter and compensated for its unqualified environmental protection indicators after it was listed on the OTC market. Therefore, I suggest to choose brand size with stable quality, strong environmental stability and good reputation, and obtain the manufacturer's authoritative agency test report and guarantee

2. Operation and use

I will take Matsui 301 series machine printed water-based inks as an example, This paper expounds one use and operation procedure of the National 863 Project:

Matsui 301 series machine printing water-based inks are divided into the following series:

conventional machine printing:

low mesh 301 series is suitable for solid block high masking effect printing (80 mesh -150 mesh)

high mesh 301 series is suitable for high mesh and dot effect printing (150 mesh -300 mesh)

elastic 301 series is suitable for swimwear, Stretch fabric printing (80 mesh -200 mesh)

pullout 301 series is suitable for white and color pulling effect of reactive pure cotton fabric (80 mesh -200 mesh)

special machine printing:

anti sublimation 301 water-based ink is suitable for backing polyester or polyester cotton fabrics

silver flash 301 water-based ink is suitable for silver and adjustable color glitter effect

bronzing 301 water-based ink is suitable for bronzing effect printing

flocking 301 water-based ink is suitable for direct or transfer flocking effect

foaming 301 water-based ink is suitable for foaming effect printing


machine type:

any fully automatic printed Flower machine or oval printing machine

printing process:

high quality wear-resistant yarn, medium hardness scraper, clear water lotion, full ink return, high tension Version (recommended), air exchange or compressed cold air equipment (recommended)

the use of supporting high-quality tools and equipment will make your environmental protection printing operation even stronger

take the high tension version as an example, it can quickly separate the version from the printing surface after printing, so as to improve the production speed and avoid the problem of sticking cloth

take ventilation or compressed cold air equipment as an example, it can dissipate the water vapor on the printing surface in a very short time, and quickly reduce the printing surface temperature, so as to avoid the problem of adhesion of fabrics in the next step of printing

special attention should be paid to the control of the printing process of machine printed water-based ink in the process of operation, and care should be taken to avoid the use of water-based materials

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