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Ten strategic measures for Shanghai carton industry after China's entry into WTO

before and after China's entry into WTO, many well-known foreign packaging enterprises are optimistic about the Chinese market, especially the Shanghai market. Because China is developing, the packaging market has a good prospect. Facing the "wolf", what should I do?! Is it eaten by wolves, or fight with wolves? Shanghai carton industry responded positively to WTO entry and implemented ten strategic measures

first, focus on the adjustment of production structure

the development of carton industry must focus on the following aspects: first, accelerate the development of high-end cartons and cartons. Focus on developing high-grade cartons and cartons with heavy paper weight, high strength and light weight. The second is to develop flexible printing, multi-color dot printing, die cutting and molding cartons. Third, develop Kraft linerboard transportation packaging, and gradually replace cowhide color printing commodity packaging to realize the commercialization of internal and external packaging. Fourth, comprehensively implement the industrial collaborative production layout of "centralized version making and decentralized box making". In order to achieve the goal of common development, we should take the principles of mutual cooperation, mutual benefit, taking advantage of work to make up for shortcomings, giving full play to advantages and common benefits. In this and Ming Dynasty, the production of cardboard by single-sided corrugated machine will be basically eliminated. The main products are developing in the direction of standardization, serialization, multi variety, multi base materials and multi-purpose

Second, fully expand the marketing strategy

the development of market economy will inevitably bring fierce market competition, which is an inevitable trend of development. We must adjust the marketing concept. First, establish the concept that marketing is the first line. All activities of enterprises focus on the marketing market, establish and improve the marketing mechanism, and improve the market competitiveness. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and marketing is the life of an enterprise that will make the value of the table inaccurate. We should study the market as quickly as possible, position the market, and maximize the market-oriented marketing forms, marketing strategies, market information, etc., which are the embodiment of comprehensive competitiveness

third, strengthen brand products with quality as the center

firmly establish the concept that quality is the life of enterprises, and strengthen brand measures. Carton enterprises produce domestic famous, special and excellent user products and famous brands of foreign users. Old brand products must be branded, especially foreign merchants pay great attention to packaging quality. They must go to the carton enterprise to inspect the management, equipment, workshop site, raw material and finished product warehouse and test crying utensils before issuing orders at fixed points. Once appointed, everything shall be handled according to the regulations and cannot be changed arbitrarily. These users have good credit, good price and timely payment. Therefore, for the above users, big business and good business must have a quality strategy

IV. improve the quality management system

carton enterprises must ensure quality before participating in market competition, otherwise they will be eliminated by the market. First of all, the main leaders of the enterprise should establish quality awareness, and then educate all employees on quality awareness. Quality is the life of the enterprise, not a slogan, and should be put into practical action. The key of quality management is to carry out the certification of ISO9001 international quality system, operate, inspect and review according to the relevant documents of certification, analyze and rectify quality problems in time, and make the whole quality management system operate normally. In terms of system, we must implement it carefully and make clear rewards and punishments

v. promoting computer network information management

it is very important for carton enterprises to enter computer network management. The management of carton enterprises is very complex. Relying on manual management, there are many managers, many errors, many repetitions, low efficiency and slow information. It can be summarized as "three more, one low and one slow". Using computer network management can solve the above problems

Shanghai carton industry has achieved excellent results in developing computer network management in recent two years. More than 10 carton enterprises have adopted computer network management, including small carton enterprises. It is planned to implement computer network information management in Shanghai carton industry during the tenth five year plan. Enter a new stage of modern, scientific, networking and information management. Strive for market by management and seek benefits from management

VI. speed up the process of technical equipment transformation

with the development of production, the process of technical equipment transformation in Shanghai carton industry is relatively fast compared with that in the whole country, but with the development and demand of the market, the requirements for products and quality are higher and higher, and the grade is higher and higher. The upgrading of products still needs to be strengthened. The corrugated board production line was transformed into a high-speed, high-grade, wide width computer-controlled one, with slitting thin blades as the focus

tbs spring tension and compression testing machine is mainly used to carry out tension and compression tests on various spiral springs. Most enterprises focus on the transformation of subsequent processes such as printing, die cutting, box sticking and plate making on the premise of solving the quality of paperboard. Multi color water-based printing slotting machine, Pingtai die-cutting machine, these equipment must be high-end, high-speed, flexible point printing, in line with the market, high-end products to meet user needs, expand the market

in recent years, Shanghai carton industry has spent a lot of investment to introduce more than 10 sets of multi-color water-based printing slotting machines from Langston in the United States, Marty and Kiel in France, and Taiwan, China Province in China. At the same time, most carton enterprises have purchased domestic advanced printing and die-cutting equipment, with Shanghai Dinglong equipment as the main manufacturer, which is much lower than the imported equipment abroad. It meets the needs of domestic enterprises, has received good results, and reduces production costs

VII. Improve the service mechanism for users

with the very fierce market competition, users have high requirements for service. At present, there are three major elements in the market competition, namely quality, price and service. Service is an important element. Now many carton enterprises have established a service mechanism for users. The extension of pre-sales and sales strain gauges has simple principle, convenient installation and after-sales service system. 24-hour door-to-door delivery shall be carried out according to quality, quantity and time. Users' emergency orders shall not exceed 24 hours. Production plans shall be adjusted at any time or employees shall be organized to work overtime to ensure delivery. In particular, foreign-funded enterprises implement zero inventory, carton enterprises must have a warehouse for storage, and one or fax must be delivered to the door on time and in quantity. Enterprise leaders often visit users to listen to their opinions or send consultation forms to feed back to the enterprise. The establishment of service mechanism is also an important aspect of market competition

VIII. Pay attention to talent training and development

with the development of production and the development of new technology and new management, talent training and development of enterprises are becoming more and more important. There are few engineering and technical personnel in carton enterprises, and the cultural level is generally low. The enterprise management does not stay in the traditional management mode. Enterprise leaders began to pay attention to talents, recruit a large number of people of insight, boldly let go of their work, and give preferential treatment, so that engineering and technical personnel can serve the enterprise at ease, and those with working ability can be promoted and reused. For example, Shanghai International Jifeng Shidong Paper Co., Ltd. hired engineering technicians and managers from Taiwan and Hong Kong. After several years of efforts, it has trained a number of graduates from colleges and universities to serve as deputy general managers and department managers. Some enterprises send talents for professional training, and some enterprises train managers comprehensively and systematically to develop computer network management. Shanghai Xinqing and AISI do this, Lay a good foundation for computer network development

IX. speed up the operation of funds and strengthen the management of funds

there is a general situation of tight capital operation in the carton industry, which is also a key issue for the survival of enterprises. It is very important to strengthen fund management and speed up the operation of funds. The biggest problem for enterprises is the timely withdrawal of receivables. Enterprises take various measures to ensure operation and prevent unnecessary bad debts. According to different situations, treat them differently and speed up the turnover. For those with credit, formulate the amount and period of loan arrears, establish a reward and punishment system linking the business of marketing personnel with collection, strengthen the collection of accounts receivable, use cheques or bills of exchange to offset users with poor credit, and issue an internal "blacklist" to notify member enterprises for users with serious arrears of accounts receivable and users who appeal to the court, Prevent some users from making false accusations and defaulting on receivables everywhere

X. implement the construction of enterprise culture

enterprise culture is an integral part of the production and development of enterprises, and it is also an important aspect of the construction of socialist spirit. For example, Shanghai Dahua and fumen have set an example for the industry in the construction of corporate culture. Dahua has won the title of civilized unit at the municipal level, and many enterprises have won the title of civilized unit at the District, county and bureau levels. Fumen paper is a joint venture. The general manager attaches great importance to the corporate culture. The enterprise has a large number of foreign employees. It regularly organizes technical and cultural training for employees, improves technical and cultural quality, establishes entertainment venues for employees, such as basketball court, table tennis room, computer room, swimming pool, library and so on, enriches cultural life, organizes kindergarten and primary school for foreign employees, cooperates with teachers, and absorbs the children of farm employees. Loan for employees to buy high-end household goods such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., so that farm employees and foreign employees can feel at ease. Graphene is the only filler added to the polymer, enhancing the cohesion and centripetal force of employees to the enterprise. Enterprise production is booming, management is orderly, economic benefits are rising, and enterprise culture promotes the continuous development of enterprise economy

the ten strategic measures of Shanghai carton industry are the summary of the experience of the development of carton industry in recent years. These experiences are of great significance to the future development of carton industry, especially after China's entry into WTO. The next five years of Shanghai carton industry will be five years of sustained, orderly and healthy development, five years of development and survival in the fierce market competition. The overall development trend is good, but it is inevitable to eliminate some enterprises in the competition, which is also normal and inevitable in the market economy, and it is an inevitable law

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