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In recent years, with the gradual deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development of economic construction, people's living standards continue to improve, public gathering places, especially public entertainment places, are increasing day by day, and the scale is constantly expanding. However, due to the poor fire safety awareness of the operators or managers of some places, the fire-fighting facilities of the places have not been implemented in the construction process, and the fire safety management work is not in place. In addition, many reasons such as dense personnel and many combustible substances in such places have led to an increasing trend of fires in public gathering places year by year, causing a huge impact on the national economic development and the safety of people's lives and property. Generally, trade plays a leading role. According to statistics, in the 10 years from 1991 to 2000, 264 catastrophic fires occurred in public gathering places across the country, causing 1750 deaths, accounting for 27.2% of the total number of catastrophic fires in the country in the same period, and the death toll accounted for 50.9% of the total number of catastrophic fires in the country. Among them, three malignant fire accidents with more than 100 deaths occurred in public gathering places, causing a total of 867 deaths. The two accidents in Jiaozuo City and Luoyang City in Henan Province alone killed 74 and 309 people respectively, causing widespread concern at home and abroad. The frequent occurrence of fire accidents in public gathering places also makes our fire supervision work face severe tests and challenges

I. prominent fire safety problems in public gathering places

(I) indoor decoration does not meet the technical standards of fire safety. First, some places use a lot of combustible materials for decoration. Once these materials catch fire, they will burn fast and smoke heavily, which will make it difficult for personnel evacuation and firefighters to put out the fire. Second, it destroys the fire protection function of the original building and affects the setting of fire barriers such as fire doors and fire rolling shutters

(II) incomplete fire-fighting facilities. First, the fire-fighting facilities in some places are insufficient, and the automatic fire sprinkler system, automatic fire alarm system, smoke control and smoke exhaust system are not set as required, and the self-defense and self-rescue ability is poor. Second, although fire-fighting facilities have been set up, the management work can not keep up, and the maintenance system has not been implemented, so that the normal efficiency can not be played

(III) poor conditions for safe evacuation. First, evacuation instructions and accident lighting do not meet the requirements, and some are not even set; Second, the evacuation passage is narrow, and the emergency exit does not meet the requirements; Third, block the fire safety passage

(IV) the installation of electrical equipment is not standardized. First, the wires are pulled and connected disorderly, the electrical equipment is overloaded and operates for a long time, and the insulation layer of the wires is aging, which is very easy to cause poor contact and short circuit of the electrical lines, resulting in fire. Second, electrical switches and sockets are directly installed on combustible decoration materials on the wall. If the switches and sockets are used for a long time, sparks or heat will inevitably be generated inside, which is very likely to ignite combustibles and cause a fire

(V) it is unsafe to use fire and gas. First, the use of open fire in the kitchen often causes fire due to improper operation or carelessness in cooking dishes and fried foods; The second is the illegal use of liquefied petroleum gas, the failure to set up gas transmission pipelines as required, and the disorderly stacking of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders

(VI) the fire safety management system is not implemented. First, the fire safety system was not implemented, and the fire safety personnel were not determined and the fire safety management system was not formulated. Second, the number of people in some places is much larger than this equipment. The electronic universal experimental machine made by Shandong Sida high-tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. for the production of subway doors for the Rail Transit Department has passed the approval number, so that the width of the originally designed evacuation passage and the number of emergency exits cannot meet the requirements. Third, there was no fire safety training for employees, so employees' fire awareness was poor, and they did not know how to organize and guide customers to evacuate safely when a fire accident occurred

II. Countermeasures for fire prevention in public gathering places

(I) strictly control the review and acceptance of fire protection

1. Strengthen the audit management of building fire protection design and eliminate fire hazards in the design stage. As one of the fire control supervision departments, more than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastic granulators. It is necessary to strictly require the design units of public gathering places to carefully carry out fire protection design in accordance with the relevant national fire protection laws and regulations and fire protection technical specifications, and the fire protection department will not pass the review for the unqualified projects. In the process of comprehensive review, the focus should be on the review of building fire prevention function, safe evacuation conditions, automatic fire protection system and indoor decoration. If there are unqualified ones, they should be urged to modify them in strict accordance with the specifications

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