On the day of the most popular free day, Australia

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On the day of free, Australian operators downloaded 1841tb throughout the day

on Valentine's day, Australian operator Telstra opened the gate to let all its mobile users eat enough to download, so as to make up for last Tuesday's serious business interruption. Although this was made up for on Sunday in the spirit of "non work leading the future", Australian users gave full play to their download advantages

telstra gave the data statistics of the day on its blog. The download volume of the whole day reached 1841tb, equivalent to about 2.3 million movies, or 5.1 million episodes of game of thrones, or 23million Kanye music albums, or 1.4 billion miles Franklin singles

according to a user, he downloaded 421gb of data using 129mbps connection speed all Sunday, 70 times his 6GB data volume in January. He synced all the Games in his steam PC game library to his mobile hard disk,; In addition, I downloaded 25 seasons of TV series. He said that the download speed was good throughout the day, but it fell to 30mbps after 10 p.m., which may be that every user hopes to download in the last two hours

Telstra, an Australian operator, said that it experienced more than twice the traffic on that day. Due to the high demand of users, they had to pay attention to 5 Auto scale of graphic curve: some customers' 4G speed is reduced, although this kind of light wedge can also be made of PC material

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