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Analysis and prediction of domestic market trend of synthetic resin this week

International polymer prices continue to decline significantly this week

pe this week, after the international quotation of PE stabilized, the price continued to decline sharply. HDPE prices fell by about $20/ton and LLDPE prices fell by about $20/ton. The CFR price of HDPE in the Far East and Southeast Asia is US $per ton for injection molding grade and US $per ton for film grade, with a decrease of US $20 per ton compared with last week. The CFR price of LDPE international quotation in Southeast Asia is US dollars/ton, which is 85 US dollars/ton higher than last week. The CFR price in the Far East is US dollars/ton, which is 45 US dollars/ton higher than last week. The Far East price of LLDPE is US dollars/ton, and the price in Southeast Asia is US dollars/ton, which is 20 US dollars/ton lower than last week

pp the international price of PP this week continued to decline by $40/ton due to weak demand. The price of Far East homopolymer is USD/ton, down by 40 USD/ton. The price of Far East copolymerization injection molding was USD/ton, down by 40 USD/ton. The price of BOPP was USD/ton, down by 40 USD/ton

pvc international quotation continued to decline this week, with a decrease of $30/ton. Prices CFR prices in the Far East, Southeast Asia and other places were all US dollars/ton, down 30 US dollars/ton from last week

there is still no significant improvement in domestic market demand this week. Except for the slight rise in the prices of LLDPE and other products, the range is yuan/ton. The prices of other products such as LDPE and PP continue to decline, and users take them with them, and rarely buy them in large quantities. Due to the reduction of domestic orders in the Middle East War and the impact of SARS, the market sentiment was weak. Although there was good news about the overhaul of enterprises such as Zhongyuan, Lanhua and Yanshan, the insufficient demand determined that the polymer market was difficult to fundamentally change in a short time. Coupled with the impact of the May Day holiday, the market is still facing a test. PE may hit the bottom next week, but it does not have the conditions for a sharp rise. PP and PVC market prices will continue to decline to the bottom, and there is not much room for decline

PS this week, the domestic polystyrene market continued to decline by a large margin, and the ex factory price of various production enterprises again fell by yuan/ton, Liu Yanlong pointed out. At present, the mainstream price of benzene penetration in China has fallen. In continuous practice, we have explored and built an operating mechanism and system with enterprises as the main body, the combination of industry, University and research, the opening and joint of resources, and the sharing of achievements and interests to 7000-7500 yuan/ton. It is reported that the price of benzene penetration without tickets in some parts of South China has even fallen to yuan/ton. Recently, the lowest price of styrene in the domestic market has fallen to about 5100 yuan/ton, while the quotation of styrene in Asia has also fallen to US dollars/ton, This directly caused the domestic polystyrene market "This requires a group of like-minded people to work together to decline. In addition, the outbreak of SARS in China has also hindered China's exports, and the lower operating rate of downstream processing enterprises has also led to domestic agglomeration, which has caused confusion as customers or dealers in purchasing. The demand for phenylene has been greatly affected. Although domestic polystyrene production enterprises have reduced the operating rate to curb the decline of the market, it is expected that in the short term, domestic polystyrene production enterprises will reduce the operating rate The polystyrene market will continue to decline, and benzene penetration is likely to fall to 6000-6500 yuan/ton

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