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Then talk about the current situation and development trend of domestic gravure printing equipment (2006) (II)

among some domestic economic equipment manufacturers, several gravure printing equipment manufacturers in Zhejiang and Guangdong Shunde Debao Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. are typical of actively moving towards the international market. They have exported flexible packaging equipment in batches, including gravure printing, compounding, slitting and bag making equipment. The speed of these gravure printing machines is generally m/min, the speed of compound machines is 100-120m/min, and the speed of slitting machines is 150-250 M/min. The price is quite competitive

as mentioned earlier, Shaanxi Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. recently exported azj801250gs unit gravure printing machine to Saudi Arabia, marking another gratifying step for China's printing equipment to participate in the international competition. This equipment is made of double-layer stainless steel, and the whole machine is composed of: experimental box, air source, steel ladder, emission purification system, ignition source

Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has been actively exploring and implementing the enterprise's "internationalization strategy" in recent years, and has made encouraging progress. In 2005, the company took the lead in passing the CE certification in China, and quickly exported many gravure printing equipment to developed countries and regions such as South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States from 2005 to 2006 (these equipment include a 9-color gravure printing machine exported to South Korea, a 9-color gravure printing machine exported to the United States, two 7-color and 5-color gravure printing machines exported to Japan, two 10 color gravure printing machines exported to Spain, etc.). This is the first time that domestic gravure printing machines have been exported to countries and regions with leading manufacturing technology and strict requirements for quality and service

published in 2004( (in the article "current situation and development trend of domestic gravure printing equipment", I have described eight major trends in the development of domestic gravure printing machine technology. The actual development basically conforms to the prediction at that time, and the relevant development process is still continuing. From a broader perspective, the domestic gravure printing equipment industry will show some important development trends worthy of attention, of which the most important development trend can be expressed in five sentences: talk with him The problems he encountered in the adaptability and performance of prosthetics are "comprehensive competition", "mature technology", "import substitution", "repositioning" and "joint departure"

1. The competition is changing from the current price competition to the comprehensive competition of multiple factors Including quality, price and service, etc.

the current common weakness of the domestic gravure machine manufacturing industry is poor service. Compared with the products of foreign well-known manufacturers, domestic gravure products can basically be evaluated as follows: the price is competitive, the quality is acceptable, and the service gap is large. The technology of domestic gravure printing equipment has made remarkable progress in recent years, and some aspects are basically the same or close to foreign products, but our service level is obviously backward. When competing with internationally renowned manufacturers, our service will face a severe test

improving the service level will become the focus of attention, and even the most important means of competition. More printing and packaging enterprises will choose service-oriented enterprises as partners. Service engineers with systematic professional skills will become the most popular type of talents. Operational skills, communication skills and foreign languages will be highly valued. Targeted professional training market will also be developed

2. Domestic equipment will replace imported equipment more and more comprehensively, and show a trend of replacing imported equipment in some fields

in all packaging and decoration applications, the proportion of domestic gravure printing machines will continue to increase

in the field of flexible packaging, the import of gravure printing equipment will be limited to a few special printing and packaging plants, and it is estimated that the annual import volume of the country will not exceed 5-10

in the field of decoration, except that a few manufacturers may adopt foreign equipment (including second-hand equipment) through joint venture or sole proprietorship, they will basically adopt domestic equipment

domestic gravure printing equipment will be used more in the cigarette bag printing field. In the near future, the proportion of domestic and imported equipment will be equal every year, and the proportion of domestic equipment may exceed that of imported equipment within a few years

3. The performance of domestic equipment will continue to improve and gradually mature

from a technical point of view, domestic electronic shaft technology will be more widely used, and the products will develop towards the direction of mid-range price. The electronic shaft drive gravure press is still in the promotion stage in China (more than 95% in Europe). With the further development of more competitive gravure printing machines and affordable control systems, the popularization and development of electronic shaft gravure printing machine technology will be greatly promoted. There are three trends of electronic shaft drive gravure press in the domestic market: localization of registration and transmission control system, internationalization of suppliers, and mid-range price

domestic flexible packaging gravure printing machine will still be mainly driven by mechanical shaft, supplemented by electronic shaft transmission, and will be developed in the two directions of wide width (1300-1500 mm) and low price. The speed of flexible packaging gravure printing machine will be stable at 150-30 (1) scientific and technological innovation difference of 0 m/min for a long time. Domestic decorative paper gravure printing machines (especially wood grain paper and wallpaper gravure printing machines) will adopt a large number of electronic shaft drives, mainly in the direction of width. 1600-2100 mm will become the main width, and the speed will basically remain within 50-200m/min of the special fixture made by Jinan period experimental machine for the detection of a pair of magnetic core materials, and some may reach more than 300 m/min

almost all the domestic cigarette bag gravure printing equipment will adopt electronic shaft transmission, with a width of 820mm, a small amount of 650mm, and a speed of 250-300 M/min. now, the line cross cutting method is mostly used, and in the future, some line die cutting and soft label cutting methods will be increasingly used

4. All kinds of manufacturers will reposition in the market

economical, mid-range and high-end gravure printing machines will coexist, but economical gravure printing machines will face the fiercest competition. The worrying situation of flexible packaging gravure printing machines is that most flexible packaging gravure printing machines have entered the stage of fierce competition. All foreign gravure equipment manufacturers are facing four choices: cooperation with Chinese enterprises, wholly-owned production in China, merger with Chinese enterprises, and withdrawal from the Chinese market. Foreign technology transfer or merger will begin and gradually accelerate

in the next few years, a number of domestic manufacturers and more and more foreign manufacturers will be forced to withdraw from the Chinese market. As the proportion of domestic equipment will continue to increase and the proportion of imported equipment will decline, medium and low-grade foreign suppliers will be forced to withdraw from the Chinese market

5. More domestic manufacturers will participate in international competition

more and more domestic gravure equipment manufacturers and auxiliary product manufacturers are actively moving towards the international market and participating in international competition

the possibility of joint enterprises going out has greatly increased, not only gravure printing equipment and processing equipment, but also plate making and raw and auxiliary material manufacturers. Therefore, the pace of more domestic enterprises joining forces to enter the international market has accelerated

The role of industry associations will be strengthened. In addition to their own efforts and joint actions, enterprises should also give full play to the role of industry associations to guide them to participate in various international exhibitions, so as to most effectively expand the popularity and influence of domestic equipment

the position of Chinese products in the international supplier chain will be enhanced. Domestic equipment will show strong competitiveness in some national and regional markets Some manufacturers will become major equipment and material suppliers in some countries and regions

but it is worth paying close attention to: after some gravure equipment manufacturers exported their products abroad, due to the gap in equipment quality and service, user satisfaction is not high. Secondly, some companies seriously deviate from reality and practice fraud in foreign advertising. All these will seriously affect the overall reputation of Chinese equipment and have a great negative impact on the big boy export of domestic equipment in the future

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