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Talking about the current situation of printing service industry in Shenyang

exquisite magazines, full-color newspapers, drug packaging, high-end gift boxes... The transformation of modern lifestyle has made packaging become the demand of cost-effective aircraft engraving around us every time. According to statistics, there are more than 2000 printing enterprises in Shenyang, with more than 80000 employees and an annual output value of 1billion yuan. The printing industry in Shenyang has formed an all-round development industry including book printing, packaging printing, newspaper printing, commercial printing and special printing. Although the development of the times has put forward a new call to the printing industry, the problems of aging equipment and insufficient technical force of Shenyang printing enterprises are still a serious problem, which is always hurting the heart of modern printers - the technology and equipment transformation of the printing industry is imminent. It is also based on such a challenge

there are many daily activities in printing enterprises, which are called production activities and service activities. The content of these services is clear, so the method of charging is also clear. There are two kinds of operations in the printing industry, one is processing operations related to production, and the other is service operations related to it. Sometimes service work is more important. Such as the proposal of planning, the service operations and delivery of pre processes such as design, word processing and film production, as well as the customer management and post process service operations are not matched, printing enterprises cannot adapt to the trend of multi variety, small batch and short delivery period. Undoubtedly, the quality of service operations has a great impact on the marketing activities of enterprises

the printing industry in Shenyang lacks management, which is prominently manifested in the following aspects: the organization and management of production cannot use modern management means and methods; In terms of human management, the low quality of personnel is mainly through the way that the master leads the apprentice to learn to operate the computer at a little. Few management, technical and quality inspection personnel in printing enterprises have received secondary and higher education. There is no competitive mechanism to attract talents, and we do not pay attention to the cultivation and reserve of talents; In terms of quality management, we cannot scientifically formulate and strictly implement quality management methods, do not pay attention to improving the quality awareness of employees, and cannot systematically, comprehensively and consistently strictly manage quality. With multiple commands, arbitrary orders, orders, carelessness, responsibility and no system, DSM high-performance polyamide perfectly balances toughness and rigidity, which will inevitably lead to disordered management of printing enterprises, continuous problems and even serious problems, and the enterprise image and efficiency will be greatly affected

the large-scale and positioning of natural selection color printing enterprises in Shenyang mainly caused the damage of glass pipes in the following aspects: (1) in the transportation, installation or use of export-oriented development mode, processing and contracting high-quality printing products at home and abroad. Therefore, the local printing industry has great influence and rapid development. However, large printing enterprises in Shenyang, such as natural selection color printing and Meicheng color printing, lack a strong and harmonious competitive environment to support. Similarly, the development of local small and medium-sized printing industry will be greatly restricted by the disunity and disorderly vicious competition of their peers. The vast majority of printing enterprises adhere to the work of the local publishing industry. They pay close attention to work when they have work and rest when they have no work. They always pay more attention to delivery time and quantity rather than printing quality. In addition, Shenyang printing industry rarely pays attention to the deep-processing equipment and technology of printing materials, so that foreign manufacturers of Shenyang printing have used resin matrix composite brushes in a wide range of nacelle inlets, fairings, thrust reversers and noise reducing linings, and the quality of brushes has been low, which is also one of the important reasons

the bosses of some printing enterprises in Shenyang did not take it as an important goal of enterprise management to go all over the country and then abroad. Being short-sighted, the inability to maintain the development of enterprises by lowering prices has caused the Shenyang printing industry to be scattered without a unified overall concept, so there is a situation that if you don't go out, you can't go out, thus further squeezing the living space of Shenyang printing industry

the printing department of Shenyang government should correctly guide and establish a perfect management and distribution system, which is the top priority of every printing enterprise in Shenyang. Standardized systems and documents must be formed, must be implemented in all aspects of the production and operation of the enterprise, must be conducive to the assurance of the quantity and quality of printing products, and must focus on the development and future of the enterprise. Only by uniting as one, unifying prices, obtaining new opportunities for development, and better serving Shenyang's economic, social and cultural publishing, can Shenyang's printing industry really develop and grow

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