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Brief discussion on the current situation of building decoration materials in China and the prospect of environmental protection materials

building decoration materials are materials that integrate lumber, technology, modeling design, color and aesthetics. It is a kind of building materials with a wide variety, the fastest renewal cycle, the most active development process and the greatest development potential. The speed of its development, the number of varieties, the quality, the old and new styles, and the level of supporting facilities determine the level of building decoration. It is of great significance to beautify urban and rural buildings and improve people's living environment and working environment from 2.51 to 3.00

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and environmental quality, higher requirements are put forward for building decoration materials. Therefore, how to organize the supporting production and supply of various decorative materials to meet the needs of the four modernizations is a very urgent task in front of building materials polymer micro nano structure functional materials and their preparation front in our country

first, an industrial system with a relatively complete range of products has been established. Since the 1980s, there has been an upsurge in the development and introduction of various new building decoration materials across the country: on the one hand, China has independently researched and developed a large number of new building decoration materials, on the other hand, it has introduced more than 2000 production technologies and equipment of building decoration materials from abroad. The completion and production of these production lines, It makes the development level of building decoration materials in China close to the international advanced level. Wallpaper and wall cloth have formed an annual production capacity of 400million m2; The plastic floor has formed an annual production capacity of 1.62m2; Chemical fiber carpet has an annual production capacity of 60million m2; Plastic pipes form an annual production capacity of 450000 tons; The plastic profile has an annual production capacity of 300000 tons; The annual production capacity of building coatings is 800000 tons; Building ceramics has an annual production capacity of 1.58 billion m2; The annual production capacity of 55 million pieces of building and sanitary ceramics; The annual production capacity of aluminum profile is 400000 tons. More than 4000 varieties of designs and colors have been developed, and an industrial system with a relatively complete range of products has basically formed

II. Main problems

1 The product upgrading ability is weak, the color of the model is old, the grade is low, and the compatibility is poor, which can not meet the needs of the market and international competition. Foreign building decoration materials attach great importance to studying the needs of the market, studying the psychology of customers, and updating the colors and varieties in time to meet the needs of users. For example, wallpaper and wall cloth are a kind of indoor wall decoration materials widely used abroad, and their decorative effect mainly depends on their pattern and color. Wallpaper production enterprises in foreign industrialized countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan attach great importance to the renewal of pattern and color. Hundreds of varieties and thousands of colors have been developed to meet the needs of the market. Foreign wallpapers and wallcoverings have reached the level of seriation, standardization and strong selectability, but they are still constantly studying and updating to launch better products that are more suitable for users' needs. After more than ten years of efforts, the varieties and colors of domestic wallpaper and wall cloth have developed, but compared with foreign countries, there are few varieties of colors and styles, and the styles are relatively old. The main reason is that domestic wallpaper manufacturers still lack high-quality pattern designers, and the renewal cycle of patterns is too long. Therefore, the selectivity of products is poor, which can not meet the needs of higher levels, and it is difficult to participate in international market competition

2. Unstable product quality and chaotic product circulation market recently, the unstable product quality of domestic decoration materials is a relatively prominent problem. The reasons are various, but the main reason is that the production enterprises do not strictly enforce the formula and do not seriously implement the process procedures and product standards, resulting in plastic steel door and window profiles. The quality problems in some areas are mainly caused by some manufacturers who do not strictly follow the scientific formula and cut corners on work and materials. For example, by increasing the amount of calcium carbonate and other means to reduce the production cost, the mechanical properties of profiled materials are greatly reduced: hard P is ranked fifth in the United States, and the elastic modulus of VC plastic is low. In order to ensure the wind pressure resistance and deformation resistance of plastic steel windows, when at a certain wind pressure and strength, The inner cavity of the window frame and sash must be added with reinforced steel

according to the standard drawing, the reinforced steel must be rolled into a certain shape with cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of not less than 1.2mm, and then treated with rust and corrosion prevention. However, some manufacturers do not strictly follow the requirements of the above standards for processing and treatment, and sell them at a low price by replacing copper with scrap iron and wood strips. After use, there were many problems, which seriously damaged the reputation of plastic steel doors and windows

3. The development of product structure is unreasonable. Although China's new floor decoration materials have developed in recent years, there is still a big gap between China and foreign industrial developed countries in terms of variety, grade and dosage. According to rough statistics: at present, the consumption ratio of various decorative materials in floor decoration in China is roughly as follows: ceramic wall and floor tiles are about 60% - 65%, marble and granite floors are about 10% - 12% Plastic floor is about 16~20%, wood floor is 3~4% The ratio of organic decorative materials to inorganic decorative materials is 20:80, which is just opposite to the material categories adopted by industrial developed countries, indicating that the industrial structure of ground decorative materials in China is not reasonable, and it is still a development path with high energy consumption, large transportation volume, and low production and construction efficiency

III. Development Trend of environmental protection materials

1 Formaldehyde free wood-based panels at present, the wood adhesive used in various wood-based panels produced in China is basically urea formaldehyde resin, which is polymerized by formaldehyde + urea, which brings great pollution to family decoration and cannot be occupied within a few months. In fact, the slow release of formaldehyde lasts for years, and what we pay is our health. The formaldehyde free wood-based panel is made of natural plants as raw materials and developed through a special synthetic process. It completely discards formaldehyde and urea synthetic urea formaldehyde resin as wood adhesives, which are harmful to the body. The bonding strength fully meets the national standard. The "formaldehyde free glue" series products have reached the requirements of European E0 and Japanese fc0 standards, and are safe to use, It is a real green and healthy product that consumers can fully trust

2. The harm of low-level radioactive stones to human body comes from two aspects: one is external radiation (external radiation); The other is internal radiation caused by radioactive elements in the human body. Under normal circumstances, the radiation we humans receive belongs to low-dose radiation. The greatest harm of radioactivity to human body is mainly the "Radon" produced by radioactive elements in the decay process, which is what we call internal irradiation. Radon is a radioactive element and a gas. If people live in an environment with high radon concentration for a long time, radon will deposit in the lungs, especially in bronchi and epithelial tissues, and emit a large amount of radiation, which will endanger human health. Uranium mines are areas with high radon concentration. As early as 1937, Europe found that the incidence rate of uranium miners' lungs was 28.7 times that of ordinary people

3. Green stone green stone should be considered from exploration, mining, processing and other aspects:

exploration: first of all, we should understand the regional geological situation and whether there is a professional geological team to explore. The first is the general survey. Through the general survey, we should master the color and variety of stones, block size, approximate mining conditions, transportation, water and electricity, radioactive level, etc

Mining: before mining, the stone is only 1/4 of the previous products of the company. First, material detection and analysis and radioactivity testing should be carried out in order to lay a foundation for the next mining and application, and improving the yield of waste materials is also an important content

processing: whether the equipment used in the processing process is advanced is also one of the contents of stone greening, such as large plate sawing and processing equipment. At present, the large plate processing equipment used abroad, such as frame sawing machine, multi rope diamond bead saw and stone processing equipment equipped with belt or chain saw, can achieve large processing size, high efficiency and long service life

4. Environmental protection coating environmental protection coating is no longer a synonym, and the water-based coating represented by emulsion paint is the most popular environmental protection coating at present. However, latex paint is mainly used for the painting of walls, but it is not suitable for furniture that has caused a boom in recent years, which makes non environmental friendly solvent based wood paint one of the main culprits of indoor air pollution. Recently, a kind of water-based wood paint for wooden furniture came into being. It takes water as the medium, non-toxic, tasteless, no environmental pollution, and the paint film is smooth and bright, avoiding the pungent smell of traditional wood paint, which is fully in line with the development trend of environmental protection of paint. The multi-functional coating is in full bloom. Nowadays, there are many kinds of modern coatings, and their functions are becoming more and more. The current situation of China's building decoration materials and the prospect of environmental protection materials. Feng Yu, School of design and art, Henan University of technology, is more and more comprehensive. Waterproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, mildew proof, corrosion-proof, anti carbonization, coatings seem to have become home guards. A major feature of latex paint with waterproof formula is that it can be washed and rubbed. However, the general latex paint will lose powder after repeated scrubbing. Now, the manufacturer has improved and strengthened the waterproof feature on the original basis, making the adhesive film of latex paint harder and the paint surface easier to clean. A new German shield ceramic thermal insulation coating is a new force to enter the thermal insulation coating market recently. It is a water-based coating composed of extremely small vacuum ceramic microspheres and other environmentally friendly lotion. It has strong adhesion to walls, metals, wood products, etc. it can achieve the purpose of heat insulation by directly applying about 0.3mm on the surface of the substrate

5. Insect and mould proof coating insect and mould proof coating has gradually entered the market. Insect proof and mildew proof coatings are mainly made by adding biotoxic drugs on the premise of maintaining the decorative properties of the coatings. Therefore, the key to produce excellent anti insect and anti mildew coatings is the high-efficiency and harmless anti insect and anti mildew agents. In recent years, anti insect and anti mildew coatings have begun to enter the market abroad and are deeply welcomed by consumers. In particular, it has a good market in the food industry and construction engineering

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