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New intaglio surface printing ink: Baoli PTP aluminum foil printing ink

Baoli PTP aluminum foil printing ink is a newly developed intaglio surface printing ink. In order to promote the green development of the automotive industry, it is specially used for the printing of high-grade aluminum foil aimed at graphene industrial packaging and decorative materials, as well as aluminized film and paper in medical package Heilongjiang. It has excellent flexibility, toughness, good adhesion, water resistance, oil resistance and excellent printing adaptability

main ingredients: vinyl chloride vinyl acetate copolymerization resin

solvent: aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, ethyl acetate


1 It has excellent water resistance and oil resistance

2. It has good transparency and gloss, and the metallic gloss reproducibility of aluminum foil is excellent

3. It has bright colors and quite high color concentration

4. It has good on-board stability

physical index:

1 Colored liquid

2 Solid content 5%-35%

3 Viscosity chann cup 4 # (25 ℃) seconds

printing conditions:

1 Printing viscosity of ink: chaen cup 3# s (25 ℃, printing speed M/min)

2. Drying conditions: soft aluminum foil ℃, hard aluminum foil ℃, 5 seconds

3. Dilute: use our PTP inking oil (only reduce the color concentration, not the viscosity)

precautions for use:

1 Shake well before use

2. The drying temperature and time during printing must be sufficient. Attachment: diluent: (select the appropriate solvent ratio according to the printing conditions, see the figure below)

standard slow drying replacement clamp block fast drying

toluene 5040 20

butanone 3020 20

ethyl ester 2060

butyl 40

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