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With the development of China's market economy, the product structure of hollow containers has changed greatly, and small hollow containers are developing to multiple varieties, diversification and specialization

the number of HDPE bottles used in pharmaceutical plastic packaging containers has reached 1billion. With the elimination of aluminum tin hose drug packaging, multi-layer coextrusion plastic hoses have been widely used in ointment packaging, and the packaging used in cosmetics and toothpaste is also a general trend

in particular, the polyester bottle beverage packaging has maintained a sustained growth, making the packaging container market active again. The broad market of mineral water and fruit juice beverages has promoted the rapid development of PET bottles. According to the survey, the PET bottle industry has introduced more than 50 PET bottle production lines, plus domestic equipment, a total of more than 80, with a total production capacity of more than 150000 tons/year (450million) and an output of 4billion in 1998. It is significantly higher than that in 1998. It is mainly the rapid development of beverage and drinking water market demand and the progress of PET bottle recycling technology

pet bottle has occupied the market with its excellent performance. With the progress of injection, drawing and blowing technology, the performance of PET bottles in terms of heat resistance and permeability resistance has been greatly improved. In addition, its advantages of good impact resistance, light weight and beautiful appearance have attracted beverage manufacturers to actively use them as new packaging containers; In order to adapt to the sterilization technology of tea drinks, hot cans must be used. New high-temperature resistant polyester bottles are being developed by relevant enterprises and will soon come out. This is a new trend in the development of hollow containers

The quality of film blowing machine and film blowing technology determine the quality of film forming

in terms of large packaging containers, the packaging of various chemical liquids and petroleum products also has a broad market. Plastic sealed bucket is a new type of packaging container. HDPE sealed bucket produced by Changzhou is suitable for the packaging of coatings, chemical additives, food additives, pigments, dyes and so on

in order to meet the needs of large-scale packaging, roll plastic packaging containers have developed steadily over the past year. Large containers with more than liters, yachts and sampans have been put into production in Fushun, Liaoning, Dalian, Yantai, Chengde, Dongtai, Jiangsu, Zhengzhou, Hunan, Fuzhou, Shunde and other places. With the development of drinking water market, the demand for polycarbonate water bottles has increased significantly. The joint venture of Bayer and Shanghai company to build a PC device with an annual output of 40000 tons is in progress

the development of heat shrinkable packaging film towards multi-function

in the past two years, especially in 1996, the development and production of heat shrinkable packaging film have developed rapidly, and have been widely used in various fields of packaging with great significance to the economic and social development of Malaysia through the Guangzhou male airport island sea crossing bridge and Youth City project. It is expanding from a single PVC to PE, PP, PVDC, PFT, PA and other varieties of shrink films. With the continuous development of market economy, higher and newer requirements are put forward for the packaging market. Heat shrinkable packaging is meeting the needs of economic development, developing to high-level and multifunctional aspects, and many new products have emerged. For example:

(1) for heat shrinkable films with concave convex texture, one layer is stretched and the other layer is not stretched. When heated and shrunk, one layer shrinks and the other layer does not shrink, Or the shrinkage rate of composite films made of two different materials. Zhang Weidong, deputy general manager of Ningbo Haixiong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., who participated in the exhibition, said: "now the living standard has been improved differently, resulting in concave convex lines;

(2) the double-layer heat shrinkable layer film, with PP as the foaming layer, has a tiny pore structure on the layer, and the other layer is the heat shrinkable layer, which is generally LDPE;

(3) The multi-layer composite heat shrinkable packaging film improves the barrier performance. It is automatically sealed by heating shrinkage and the adhesion of the inner and outer film, and is used for the packaging of fresh meat and poultry

rapid development of stretch winding packaging film

winding film, also known as elastic film or wrapping film, is self-adhesive, and does not need heat shrinkage treatment in packaging, which is conducive to saving energy, reducing packaging costs, facilitating container transportation, and improving logistics efficiency, that is, the combined loading and unloading method of pallet and forklift reduces transportation costs. In recent years, winding film has developed rapidly, and products from LDPE, EVA, PVC Llope's single-layer film has developed into multi-layer coextrusion film, and the tensile rate has been increased to%, which has a better packaging effect of 9. Wire changing experimental machine assembling small angle device

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