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[inventory] 2018 collection of new cranes at home and abroad

[inventory] 2018 collection of new cranes at home and abroad

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in 2018, China's reform and opening up has gone through an extraordinary 40 years. Driven by infrastructure construction and real estate investment, the domestic crane industry has increased after several years of substantial adjustment, and domestic manufacturers almost monopolize the domestic market. Looking at the world, the competition in the crane industry in developed countries is not fierce enough, and its development is relatively slow, but it has also launched a few bright new products. Today, Shan Shan is in place. Let's take stock of the new truck cranes launched by major manufacturers around the world in 2018



Goldilocks technology makes plastic particles into new materials. In one sentence: the world's first 140 meter high super all terrain crane has many excellent performances, such as high hoisting efficiency, strong heavy haul transition, intelligent handling, etc. The China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries and the international management consulting company Kearney jointly held a press conference on the report "global opportunities in China's chemical industry"


in one sentence: the world's first 180 ton all terrain crane with a dead weight of 55 tons of main operating parts



in one sentence: the industry's longest five 42m "U" type boom, with comprehensive lifting performance leading the industry's products of the same tonnage


in one sentence: high performance 4-bridge 5-boom 35 ton crane


in one sentence, he further pointed out that the "smart machine" in the crane should carry out surface treatment on the shaft or shaft section that requires high or wear resistance


in one sentence: 6-bridge double engine, strong performance



in one sentence: the full extension arm is 52 meters long, the lifting height is 68.5 meters, the performance is excellent, and the lifting is high and sharp


in one sentence: the full extension of the main boom is 73 meters, and the maximum lifting height of the main boom + jib is 100.2 meters. It is equipped with an all ground chassis, and the 100 ton truck crane is redefined



in a word: tc800c6 crane has the longest main boom of the same tonnage in the industry at present. The full extension length of the main boom can reach 60 meters, the maximum length after adding the auxiliary boom can reach 84.5 meters, the lateral span of the outrigger is 8 meters, and 25 tons of counterweight can be selected, which has super stable operation


Reza 25x5

in one sentence: 25 tons of strong competitors, 7 tons of counterweight, 43 meter boom, 300 HP Weichai engine


ltm 1

in a word: it is produced by German giants, with 8 75m main arms and an upgraded version of the old 200 tons



in one sentence: the compact 200 ton crane has a body length of only 14.49 meters

it can be seen from the replacement of new mobile cranes at home and abroad in 2018 that while pursuing stronger performance of products, major lifting equipment manufacturers have also invested a lot of research and development experience in energy conservation, efficiency, environmental protection and other aspects. The crane driverless launched by SANY and the 130t crane without cab launched by Zoomlion have shown the world the innovation and strength of domestic mobile cranes in "artificial intelligence"

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