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New material development and industry

development trend of new material field in China

first, material composite optimization will still be a common and effective method in the development of new materials, which has expanded from structural materials to non structural materials

second, the development of low dimensional materials has accelerated, especially various new effects caused by the refinement of material linearity have aroused great interest

third, the continuous surge of new material systems. This synergistic fertilizer can increase the average yield of grain and cash crops by 15% ⑵ 5% is now in development. The most attractive is the emergence of intermetallic compounds. Although the current application is less than 1%, it can be expected that it will become an important field of new materials in the next 10 years

fourth, information materials are moving towards multi-function and integration. The development of VLSI has brought new changes to human society

fifth, the sustainable development of various special types of materials, the more important ones are non-equilibrium (metastable) materials, high temperature superconducting materials, superlattice materials, gradient materials and smart materials

the development of new materials is a global trend, and China should focus on the development of six materials:

first, electronic materials, combined with the development of electronic information industry, mainly develop and produce high-performance magnetic and optical recording materials, micro glass dielectric ceramic materials, color photosensitive materials, sensor sensitive materials, new light-emitting materials, crystal materials, rare earth permanent magnet materials, etc

second, in terms of composite materials, on the basis of existing FRP products, develop carbon fiber products, high-grade artificial diamond, advanced functional fillers, high-durability steel anti-corrosion coatings, advanced reflective materials, etc

third, in terms of ceramic materials, we should further expand the scale on the basis of the existing industries, appropriately increase the technology introduction and production proportion of high-grade porcelain, expand the export proportion, and gradually penetrate and occupy the markets of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. At the same time, the development of China's real estate industry will greatly increase the market demand for building sanitary porcelain, so we should expand the production of building sanitary porcelain, Develop and produce new functional ceramics (such as capacitor ceramics, semiconducting ceramics and optical ceramics) while producing and improving traditional products

fourth, in terms of glass materials, we should further expand glass fiber and FRP products, increase varieties and expand scale, form economies of scale, and focus on the development of glass for architectural decoration, art works and functional glass (this is to ensure the stability of process conditions, such as microcrystalline glass)

fifth, in terms of polymer materials, on the basis of the original industry, we should further develop polyester chips, polypropylene tow, acetate fiber and other products, and increase the variety of products. In terms of general plastic and rubber products, as China's market demand is still large, we can further tap the potential, expand the production scale, increase product technology improvement, and develop and apply special plastics (such as engineering plastics) and rubber products, Biomedical technical materials focusing on artificial organs, etc

sixth, in terms of new metal materials, while developing stainless steel pipes and wires, we should develop new metal materials, such as metal glass, metal microcrystalline materials, ultra-fine powder metal materials, etc

in addition, in view of the rapid development of new materials, it is necessary to carry out advanced technical reserves in the research and development of new materials. Appropriate research, development and exploration work can be carried out in the fields representing the latest development direction of new materials, such as non-equilibrium materials, low dimensional materials, high temperature superconducting materials, etc

the industrialization of new materials is inseparable from the R & D and production practice of a large number of enterprises. It is understood that at present, a number of listed companies whose main business is new materials, which are tested by hardness testers, have become the core strength of this enterprise group. Some research institutions such as key laboratories of new materials based on Colleges and universities in China have played the most critical role in promoting it, and this industry should be further strengthened in the future. In addition, with the rapid development of the new material industry, a number of blue chip stock enterprises with new materials as their main business have emerged in the stock market. As a "new material plate", they have been invested by all walks of life. What are the functional characteristics of the cardboard tensile testing machine? Do you know? The strong pursuit of investors should give full play to their industrial driving role

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